Alfie's dad calls on pope to come (2)

Alfie's dad calls on pope to come (2)

Alfie's dad calls on pope to come (2)

Alfie Evans' parents ended their legal battle to treat him overseas, but protests for the child have spread like wildfire across the world.

Tom and Kate Evan have been battling to have their son transferred to Italy for medical treatment.

The family of Alfie Evans is blasting a false news report saying his parents are supposedly preparing for his death.

He said he hoped to be able to make arrangements with the hospital to get a care plan in place today.

"While he now has some oxygen and some fluid, this has taken huge effort to obtain for him", it said.

Alder Hey Hospital has been unavailable for comment.

"Medical tyranny must stop", it said.

Doctors linked with Pope Francis had been ready to fly Alfie to Rome in a military air ambulance that was put on standby outside Alder Hey.

The Italian government granted citizenship to Alfie, and Vatican-owned Bambino Gesu hospital in Rome has offered to care for the child. According to the president of Bambino Gesu, "a positive outcome would be hard, but the baby's suffering can be alleviated".

On Wednesday, bosses at the Liverpool hospital defended staff who they said had endured a "barrage" of abuse.

The child, who is suffering from an undiagnosed degenerative brain disease, has been at the centre of a protracted legal fight in which United Kingdom doctors have argued that his condition will not improve, that he is suffering and should be allowed to die.

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The 23-month-old had his ventilator removed late on Monday after his parents exhausted all legal avenues to stop a February court ruling permitting the move, but has continued breathing independently this week.

Evans said that if he was not allowed to take Alfie home, he would resume his fight in court.

A peaceful march in Banbury to show support for seriously-ill toddler Alfie Evans and his family has been called off.

Taking to Facebook overnight, Kate shared a poignant picture of Alfie appearing to smile as he cuddled up to a soft toy in his hospital bed.

He told reporters Alfie was "not suffering" and "not in pain". "The doctors should let us go and stop making up excuses".

A separate picture also shows Tom resting on a couch just a few feet away from Alfie after gruelling legal proceedings in the last number of days.

Alfie has been in Alder Hey with a rare undiagnosed degenerative neurological condition since December 2016.

The couple said their son had confounded specialists' expectations by continuing to breathe unaided despite being disconnected from a ventilator and provided with only palliative care. "Your holiness, save our son", he told the Pope.

But a statement from the Catholic Bishops' Conference of England and Wales sided with the doctors in the case.

A court had ruled the Liverpool hospital could end the child's care.

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