Apple's Rumored Headset Will Run Both AR, VR Technology

Apple's Rumored Headset Will Run Both AR, VR Technology

Apple's Rumored Headset Will Run Both AR, VR Technology

One of the general suppositions numerous in the market had been working under was that Apple may "skip" game centered VR inside and out for moving toward the way of life centered AR advancements that put a computerized layer amongst users and this present reality.

VR (Virtual Reality) and AR (augmented reality) are becoming more and more central technologies for hi-tech industry.

At the iPhone X launch event past year, it seemed as if Apple was bragging the phone's augmented reality (AR) features, especially its animated emoji's called Animoji, and not to forget, the AR capabilities in gaming.

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The report further mentions the project that is internally referred to as "T288" and was hinted in some of the reports back in 2017. For comparison, the new HTC Vive Pro offers a 1,440 x 1,600-pixel display per eye.

Not many details have been revealed at the moment as the project is still in its very early stages. Sources claim that the new VR Headset will be launching in the year 2020. Which is finally making headlines in reality. It's not a complete surprise-at least not the augmented reality part, which CEO Tim Cook has expressed excitement about several times in the past. The future machines and robotic science have already begun using the AR based machines. By the looks of it, Apple could potentially solve that issue with this T288 headset. Achieving mobile VR requires the usage of bulky headsets to slot your phone into, while PC/console VR require lots of hardware power and wires. The small box would be short-range and high-speed. The dedicated box, in its current state, reportedly resembles a PC tower. It's widely thought that the forthcoming Oculus Go will be powered by processors built into the headset, for example. The headset will purportedly use an 8K display for each eye and will not be tethered to a computer or smartphone.

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