Tim Allen Reveals 'Last Man Standing' Might Make A Comeback

Tim Allen Reveals 'Last Man Standing' Might Make A Comeback

Tim Allen Reveals 'Last Man Standing' Might Make A Comeback

Fans have been asking for Tim Allen's sitcom "Last Man Standing" to return to television ever since it was first canned a year ago. Discussions are also underway with producers and stars from the former ABC comedy to return.

Allen noted in his tweet that they "had heard" the voices of fans of the show and that a return "might be a reality".

One week shy of a year ago, ABC cancelled Last Man Standing after six seasons of relative Nielsen ratings success.

"That was the most unsafe thing, because he's mitigated on the show by a family of all women that had different opinions, but the guy was a likable guy and really a principled guy just about work, and ethics, and all this stuff".

Could the Last Man Standing revival really be happening? Fox and 20th Century Fox Television declined comment. Conservative fans were far more upfront, launching a petition to bring back "a show that appeals to a broad swath of Americans who find very few shows that extol the virtues with which they can identify; namely conservative values".

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ABC denied politics played a role in the cancellation.

Allen tweeted to his more than 280,000 followers on Thursday.

At the time of its cancelation, Allen's political views, which are more conservative than the majority of Hollywood, were considered to be a factor, which Allen didn't dispute, saying, "There's nothing more risky, especially in this climate, than a amusing, likable conservative". "He is mitigated on the show by a family of women who had a difference of opinions, but [Mike Baxter] was a likable guy and a principled guy about work and ethics and all this stuff, I think".

It was in May of 2016 that ABC chose to ax The Last Standing.

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