Missouri lawmakers call for special session to weigh governor's impeachment

Missouri lawmakers call for special session to weigh governor's impeachment

Missouri lawmakers call for special session to weigh governor's impeachment

Attorneys for Missouri Gov. Eric Greitens are renewing a request to have a judge, not a jury, decide the felony invasion of privacy case against the embattled Republican governor.

Greitens, a former U.S. Navy Seal commando and onetime rising star in the Republican Party, has come under mounting pressure from Missouri politicians of both parties to resign since becoming embroiled in a sex scandal stemming from an admitted extramarital affair with a hairdresser. A trial date in that case has not been set.

The governor filed court documents today asking for a waiver to get a bench trial - a judge turned him down on this once already.

Senator Brian Munzlinger did not sign the petition.

The petition process allowing the General Assembly to call itself into action when deemed necessary was established under a state constitutional amendment adopted by Missouri voters in 1988 and invoked for the first time this week, Richardson said.

Spencer said he later scratched his name off after hearing from a couple hundred constituents, many of whom said they don't want Greitens impeached and believe the special session is a "waste of taxpayer dollars".

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Republican Rep. Bryan Spencer, of Wentzville, said Friday he initially signed the petition a couple of weeks ago "to find out what the truth is" about the allegations against the governor.

"I do not take for granted, or take lightly, the duties that I have received from the voters. I don't always vote my conscience because I try to vote the way the people back home want me to vote", Spencer said.

The House and Senate are expected to complete their action on the panel's findings within that same time frame, he added.

The woman agreed to testify only after the allegations that the governor had photographed without her consent were widely reported in the media.

A special House investigative committee released another report about the governor and his alleged use of a charity's donor list to raise money for his campaign for governor. In a tape recording of a conversation between the woman's ex-husband and the woman, she says Greitens threatened to release the photo if she told anyone about their encounter.

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