Trump not sold on Giuliani defense

Trump not sold on Giuliani defense

Trump not sold on Giuliani defense

Former Republican congressman and Morning Joe co-host Joe Scarborough revealed the real reasons President Donald Trump didn't include former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani on his team was due to an alcohol abuse issue.

Giuliani said then that he first made Trump aware of the payment shortly after joining the case but now says he doesn't know when Trump found out about it. Giuliani told BuzzFeed last week that Cohen had complained after the election about not being paid by Trump for his work in silencing Daniels and that Cohen and Trump then met to work out a $35,000 monthly retainer.

"Damn, that is the most brutal review I've heard since Mike Pence saw Wonder Woman", Noah joked.

As per usual, Donald Trump is pissed off right now. Giuliani's arrival signals that something darker - perhaps something worse than the Mueller probe - could be lurking around the corner.

Trump said Friday that Giuliani needed to "get his facts straight" but insisted they weren't changing their story. "That's how you defend a kid who's having trouble at school".

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The White House's initial strategy for responding to Giuliani's questions has been to refer them back to Giuliani himself. "But now after this string of interviews that Rudy Giuliani has done... the president is now thinking that Rudy Giuliani is causing more headaches than he is solving problems". "I am an expert on the law, and the fact is there is no way this is a campaign finance violation of any kind". That, Noah pointed out, doesn't quite make sense: "You can't have it both ways". You know, I worry about my family. "O.K., let's go get lunch'". Giuliani said he's a social drinker who only imbibes at night "with cigars", and was "insulted" when Politico asked him if his behavior is linked to drinking. But after a string of stunning interviews in recent days raised more questions than answered them, the President began to realize that his hope that Giuliani could end the investigation quickly might have been misguided.

Thus the facts - an unambiguous statement by Trump that he knew nothing about the payment and a statement by Cohen that he made the payment from a personal home equity line of credit, while not saying whether he had been reimbursed and by whom. "Bring in the board so we can really examine this".

Also Giuliani, who should have known better, emphasized that point when he told "Fox and Friends" in a television appearance: "Imagine if that (the affair alleged by Stormy Daniels) came out on October 15, 2016 in the middle of the last debate with Hillary Clinton".

"The question from George Stephanopoulos was whether Trump knew about Michael Cohen's payment after the campaign", Kimmel explained. "But you'd have to, as a lawyer, be very thoughtful and prepare your client".

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