American sent a man, fell in love with 65K SMS app

American sent a man, fell in love with 65K SMS app

American sent a man, fell in love with 65K SMS app

He said Ades sent him about 65,000 texts and there were times he received 500 messages a day from her, according to FOX10.

In another message, Ades alleged wrote: "Don't ever try to leave me..."

Ades said that after meeting her "healing angel" date online she made a trip from Arizona to his home in California in January 2017, where she spent three days with him before returning home.

The 31-year-old has been charged with threatening and intimidating, stalking and harassment after police say she refused to let her unnamed date live on without her.

When police searched Ades' auto, they found a large butcher knife on the passenger seat.

When pressed about the charges, Ades mostly demurred, whispering, "I don't want to talk about that", and changing the subject to something more arcane like the symbolism of the artwork contained on the dollar bill. Officers escorted her away, police said.

Also, police say Ades entered the victim's residence when he wasn't at home. "I thought we would just do what everybody else did and we would get married and everything would be fine.I'm the person that discovered love.the equation to light".

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"Oh what would I do w ur blood!"

She threatened him not to "ever" leave her or she would kill him.

ABC 15 indicated that court paperwork states that Ades reportedly conceded that her comments to the man were "crazy" and she told police that it wasn't her intention to hurt the man.

Jacqueline Ades.Jacqueline Ades.Jacqueline AdesJacqueline Ades: 'I was insane in love'. Ades stated that although she gave the victim unconditional love, he later began acting odd. After she was released, she started threatening the man via more texts, saying that "harm may come" to him.

The man met Ades on a dating website and dated her a year ago. I'd wanna bathe in it.

"That's it?" Ades asked when a reporter asked if she sent the victim 65,000 texts, according to The Washington Post. "When you find love, everything is not flawless".

She claims she was no threat to the man, that she just loved him and wanted him to love her back. She also had a failure to appear warrant out for her because she didn't show up to an April court date related to the trespassing charge.

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