US Justice Dept. Opens Probe Into Cambridge Analytica

US Justice Dept. Opens Probe Into Cambridge Analytica

US Justice Dept. Opens Probe Into Cambridge Analytica

Welcome to the Guardian's live coverage of Christopher Wylie's appearance before the Senate judiciary committee.

The EU and British parliaments have been calling for Zuckerberg to submit to an on-air grilling since it emerged earlier this year that a company, political consultants Cambridge Analytica, had been allowed to misuse the data of millions of Facebook users.

The FBI and Department of Justice have opened an investigation into Cambridge Analytica, the pro-Trump data company that surreptitiously obtained Facebook data from tens of millions of Americans.

"The Company is immediately ceasing all operations", it said in a statement Wednesday, announcing bankruptcy proceedings would soon begin.

On 16 may the head of the European Parliament Antonio Tajani.

Schroepfer was sent into the ring after Zuckerberg refused to appear himself, despite appearing before members of the the U.S. Congress and accepting an invitation to do the same before the European Commission at some point in the near future.

Million Facebook Posts With Sex Pictures, Terrorist Propaganda, Hate Content Scrubbed
And three weeks ago, for the first time, we published the internal guidelines we use to enforce those standards . Other findings in a release from Facebook showed that the company took down 21 million posts for adult nudity.

Recently, Facebook took a good action against apps that were untrusted and which could make any inappropriate use of Facebook users personal information and more than 200 apps were suspended from Facebook.

Facebook has written to the Digital, Culture, Media and Sport Committee in the United Kingdom responding to 39 questions the Committee believed that Chief Technology Officer (CTO) Mike Schroepfer failed to answer when he appeared before MPs to give evidence.

Wylie, you might recall, was the research director who spilled secrets about the firm's improper harvesting of Facebook user data.

"Zuckerberg must appear before the [European Parliament] under the same conditions as he did on Capitol Hill, in a public hearing before the LIBE committee and not in one ... restricted meeting behind closed doors", Verhofstadt tweeted.

In a tweet, Mr Tajani said: "Our citizens deserve a full and detailed explanation". But he added that, if Zuckerberg will not be in the United Kingdom at any time during the course of the inquiry, then the committee "would also be open to taking his evidence by video link". Its media committee even threatened to issue an official summons when Zuckerberg next enters the country, but he's still refusing to attend.

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