Gov. Abbott Convenes First Roundtable On School Safety After Santa Fe Shooting

Gov. Abbott Convenes First Roundtable On School Safety After Santa Fe Shooting

Gov. Abbott Convenes First Roundtable On School Safety After Santa Fe Shooting

After the Florida tragedy, President Donald Trump organized discussions on how to prevent school shootings and at least mentioned the idea of limiting gun sales, though little concrete came out of those. I have the deepest sympathy for the teachers and students who died or were wounded in any and all of this countries school shootings.

At the first meeting on Tuesday, participants proposed expanding school safety training programs, bolstering threat assessment systems and expanding a pilot program created to screen for students, who might be a threat to themselves or others.

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Reynolds-Perez and Banks both said they thought Abbott was serious about making changes.

Other ideas that Abbott mentioned were increasing the number of school counselors, creating incentives for students to share information about potential threats and evaluating an expansion of a state program that arms teachers.

You could nearly conjure the whole scene in your mind without visiting the place, the aftermaths of school shootings having become so familiar. "We came up with some solid solutions".

A 17-year-old student accused of carrying out the attack is being held on capital murder charges. For too long, too many American adults were willing to sacrifice children and as a result, children have grown accustomed to a reality in which they develop a mindset that they have to march for their lives in the name of school safety and, if necessary, sacrifice their lives.

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Zia has previously testified against the Sharif family in Avenfield reference, over which Harris cross-examined him for 10 days. Sources have disclosed that the agenda of the meetings were the current political and security situations of the country.

He tweeted that it was time to "get this out of the way" and stated that the shooting could not have been prevented by a gun ban or reform because the suspect "was carrying an illegal firearm and illegal explosives". A law enforcement official told CNN that authorities are still trying to determine whether that's the case. It's important to understand Houston is different than Round Rock, Whitmire said.

Leigh Wall, the superintendent of the district about 30 miles (50 kilometers) southeast of Houston, said in a letter to parents Tuesday that teachers and support staff will be working to prepare for the return of students next Tuesday. Wednesday's session will focus on gun regulations, mental health and causes of gun violence, he said.

"The problem is that innocent people are being shot", Abbott said.

Democrats have largely welcomed a discussion on gun violence but criticized the effectiveness of any changes now proposed by Republican leadership. Most of America's students know exactly what to do: Move to designated safe spaces, lock doors, turn off lights, silence phones, hide in closets, make the space appear empty.

And in a news release Tuesday morning, U.S. Rep.

These are the people who forced change in Vermont, persuading Gov. Phil Scott to require a criminal background check for every gun sale in the state, and who, in Florida, successfully pushed for a red-flag law and raised the minimum age to buy a gun to 21. Texas Gun Sense, which advocates for further gun restrictions, is expected to attend Abbott's discussion Wednesday. But Abbott insisted the roundtables were not political window dressing.

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