Ireland overturns abortion ban in landslide vote

Ireland overturns abortion ban in landslide vote

Ireland overturns abortion ban in landslide vote

Surprisingly, they also suggest that supporters of more liberal abortion laws may have triumphed throughout the country, not just in the cosmopolitan capital, Dublin, where a strong youth vote had been anticipated.

Many Irish women seeking an abortion are forced to travel overseas, often to the UK.

Irish citizens voted on Friday over whether or not to lift the ban on abortion in the country, and exit polls are showing that the bid to allow the practice appears to have been quite successful. A shrine dedicated to her sprang up on Friday, adorned by flowers and messages from those who voted Yes to the proposed repeal of the Eighth Amendment.

Varadkar claimed Ireland was united - with men and women, almost every age group and every social class opting for reform in Friday's referendum.

For decades, many Irish people saw the amendment as a symbol of the country's deeply-held Catholic faith.

"I said in recent days that this was a once in a generation vote", he says.

Opinion polls have put those who favor liberalising one of the world's most restrictive abortion regimes in a clear lead, and while there has been some tightening in the margin, two surveys on Sunday showed the "Yes" side pulling further ahead.

Leo Varadkar accused campaigners opposing a referendum on liberalising Ireland's abortion regime of trying to dupe voters.

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One poll by RTÉ suggested nearly 70% of the electorate have voted to end the constitution's all but blanket ban on terminations, with another, by The Irish Times, recording 68% in favour of reform.

Adopted in 1983, the Eighth Amendment of the Constitution of Ireland gives an unborn child the same right to life as their mother, effectively outlawing abortions except in instances where pregnancy would pose "a real and substantial risk to the life of the mother".

Irish Prime Minister Leo Varadkar says the country has voted resoundingly Yes to liberalise its strict abortion laws.

Official counting begins Saturday at 9 a.m. (4 a.m. ET), with the final results expected late afternoon.

Varadkar said on Saturday that he planned to implement a new abortion law by the end of the year.

The vast majority of voters did not change their minds on how they planned to vote during the campaign, the exit poll suggested.

People celebrate the result of yesterday's referendum on liberalizing abortion law, in Dublin, Ireland, May 26, 2018. "I'm especially grateful to the women of Ireland who came forward to provide their personal testimony about the hard times that they endured, the stress and the trauma that they experienced because of the eighth amendment". The amendment, passed in 1983, made abortion illegal in the country even in cases of rape, fatal foetal abnormalities, and risk to maternal health.

The referendum is one of the most anticipated, and controversial, in the heavily Catholic nation's history, as it could roll back rules that now only allow abortion in the case of a woman's life being at risk, but not for rape, incest or fatal fetal abnormality.

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