Joshua Holt, American held hostage in Venezuela, arrives in Washington

Joshua Holt, American held hostage in Venezuela, arrives in Washington

Joshua Holt, American held hostage in Venezuela, arrives in Washington

Venezuela's President Nicolas Maduro meets with U.S. Senator Bob Corker at Miraflores Palace in Caracas, Venezuela, May 25, 2018. The family was greeted that night at the White House by President Donald Trump. "I need your help to get me out of this place", Holt said in the video.

He also joked that serving time in Venezuela was "not really the great vacation that I was looking for". "I'm just so grateful for what you guys have done and for thinking about me, and caring about me, just a normal person". Trump said in a tweet. "More than most people could endure".

US President Donald Trump said Holt would be received with his family at the White House on Saturday evening.

Hatch says Holt's wife had also been released.

Venezuelan officials released Holt after high-level talks between President Nicolas Maduro and US lawmakers.

Holt was thrown into Venezuela's notorious Helicoide prison, a compound filled with political prisoners who claim to have been subjected to torture and held without fair trials.

The Republican senator from Tennessee says much of the credit for Holt's release goes to his staffer Caleb McCarry for his dogged determination.

Joining Trump in the Oval Officer were Corker, Utah Sens.

Photos show Sen. Bob Corker at Holt's side, helping carry a large black duffel bag. The lawmakers thanked Trump for his support.

The elation on display was reinforced by Vice President Mike Pence who tweeted that Holt is "now back home with his family - where he always belonged".

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A statement that relatives provided Saturday confirms that Joshua Holt and his wife will be freed from detention in the capital of Caracas.

When he departed the Caracas airport earlier in the day, Mr Holt said the ordeal had left him "exhausted". Venezuela has since expelled a United States diplomat based in the capital Caracas for allegedly "conspiring" against the government.

Mr. Holt, a 26-year-old Utah man was imprisoned by the socialist government of President Nicolas Maduro for almost two years after traveling to Venezuela to marry a woman he met online. The couple was waiting for Caleno's US visa when they were arrested at her family's apartment in a government housing complex for what the USA considered trumped-up charges of stockpiling an assault rifle and grenades. He was arrested on weapons charges and accused of being a spy.

McCarry leveraged a 15-year-old relationship with Maduro from their time together in the Boston Group, an informal gathering from across the political spectrum - Democrats, Republicans, socialists and capitalists - from both countries that worked discreetly to fix relations between the two countries following a coup in 2002 against then-President Hugo Chavez.

USA officials say the charges against Holt were politically motivated.

Venezuela's chief spokesman, Communications Minister Jorge Rodrigues, said he hopes the release will engender "respect for our independence and respect for our sovereignty". "The election process that occurred on May 20 was illegitimate".

Holt flew to Venezuela approximately two years ago to marry Thamy Holt, a Mormon woman he met online.

Corker on Friday met personally with President Nicola Maduro.

Laurie Holt said her son has suffered numerous health problems in jail, including kidney stones and respiratory problems.

Derek Holt, Josh's older brother said his family has had several close calls where they thought he'd be coming home, but didn't - most recently on Thanksgiving.

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