Tobacco use falling but not fast enough: World Health Organization report

Tobacco use falling but not fast enough: World Health Organization report

Tobacco use falling but not fast enough: World Health Organization report

This year, 65 patients sought treatement up to April this year, said Minister of Health Dato Paduka Dr Haji Mohd Isham bin Jaafar, in his message for World No Tobacco Day, which falls annually on May 31. People associate tobacco with cigarettes alone.

World Health Organization advised countries to also offer help to people who wished to quit tobacco use by covering the cost of their treatments, provide medical care, counselling and toll-free lines.

The agency pointed out that tobacco use is responsible for around 17 percent of the almost 18 million deaths from cardiovascular disease around the globe each year.

"In Myanmar, smoking and betel chewing have increased nationwide".

According to Moeti, "In the African Region, about 146,000 adults aged 30 years and above die every year from tobacco-related diseases". According to doctors, passive smokers have a 25-30% added risk of developing heart diseases.

Exposure to secondhand smoke and tobacco use are the leading causes of cardiovascular disease and are linked to some three million deaths per year. Tobacco use is the second leading cause of CVD, after high blood pressure.

World No Tobacco Day 2018 aims to highlight the links between the use of tobacco products and heart and other cardiovascular diseases, increase awareness within the broader public of the impact tobacco use and exposure to second-hand smoke have on cardiovascular health. More than 6 million of those deaths are the result of direct smoking.

While many people are aware tobacco use increases the risk of cancer, there are alarming gaps in knowledge of the cardiovascular risks of tobacco use.

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Abuja - As Nigeria joins the rest of the world to celebrate World No Tobacco Day, the World Health Organisation (WHO) wednesday tasked the federal government and other stakeholders on the need to stem the tide of tobacco-related diseases in the country.

"Today, I call upon member states to implement measures that we know would strengthen tobacco control as found in WHO's Framework Convention on Tobacco Control".

On the occasion of World No Tobacco Day Thursday, the United Nations health agency hailed that smoking had declined significantly since year 2000, but warned that there were still far too many people indulging in the risky habit.

Tobacco use has decreased in Australia, Brazil and Britain, where governments have enacted strong anti-smoking measures include higher taxes, bans and health warnings on the packaging.

Tobacco is the only legal drug that kills many of its users when used exactly as intended by manufacturers. This inquiry followed a 2015 review published by Public Health England suggesting that vaping was around 95% less harmful than smoking tobacco.

Country response: Over half of all WHO Member States have reduced demand for tobacco, and nearly one in four are likely to meet the 30% reduction target by 2025.

Commenting on the decline in Swiss smokers, Daniel Dauwalder, a spokesman for the Federal Office of Public Health, pointed out that Swiss tobacco legislation was "relatively liberal".

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