Kim Jong-un impersonator detained at Singapore airport

Kim Jong-un impersonator detained at Singapore airport

Kim Jong-un impersonator detained at Singapore airport

President Trump said he'll know "within the first minute" if North Korean leader Kim Jong Un is taking their Tuesday summit seriously from "my touch, my feel".

After a long flight aboard Air Force One that will include a refueling stop, the president is scheduled to arrive in Singapore on Sunday evening.

"I think within the first minute, I'll know", Trump said during a free-wheeling press conference before he departed the ongoing G-7 talks for the Singapore summit with Kim.

By giving Kim the respect that comes with interaction on an "equal footing", Trump has front-loaded symbolic expressions of his intent to improve relations, end the Korean war, and reduce military tensions on the peninsula - presumably in return for North Korea to indicate their intent to denuclearize.

Still, it's a serious contrast to the days past year when choice insults - Trump's "little rocket man" and Kim's "dotard" - were flying between Washington and Pyongyang during the North's nuclear and missile tests. "And, by the way, we have worked very well with their people", he said.

The road to the summit has been bumpy, with Trump pulling out of the summit last month after aggressive language from Hermit Kingdom. What you want to do is start that ... but at a minimum we will at least have met each other, we will have seen each other, hopefully we will have liked each other ...

South Korea media outlets are reporting that Kim will likely stay at the St. Regis Singapore hotel, where his close aide has been based as he leads a North Korean advance team arranging security and logistics details. So, the president, I can imagine him saying, 'We've agreed on this peace treaty, ' which is what we said in 2005.

"We really think North Korea will be a tremendous place in a very short period of time and we appreciate everything that's going on".

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"The recent talks are indeed historical as we've never seen a United States president in office meet with any North Korean leaders".

In a separate piece written for 38North, a website for analysis of North Korea, Carlin wrote that North Koreans are pragmatic negotiators who followed diplomatic norms.

What Bolton meant by the Libya model was that the "U.S. seeks Pyongyang's quick, front-loaded dismantlement and shipment overseas of its nuclear apparatuses, as Libya did in the early 2000s", said Lee. I don't think they will try and kick out the president.

"It's the formative experience in their life and they're committed to the Australia-Korea relationship in a much deeper way to the more cosmopolitan South Korean who goes skiing in America", Dr Dalton told SBS News.

Not so unusual, said Peter Ward, a North Korea researcher at Seoul National University. "I felt as if I was back in time, back in the period immediately after the Second World War when global military tribunals and other investigations were conducted into the Nazi horrors".

"It's a one-time shot and I think it's going to work out very well", he said. You know, the way they say you know if you're going to like somebody in the first five seconds, you ever hear that one?

He said he is planning similar stunts for the objective of political satire in the coming days, this time in tow with Donald Trump impersonator Dennis Alan.

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