The 'trend' that is troubling the US

The 'trend' that is troubling the US

The 'trend' that is troubling the US

In the wake of Kate Spade's suicide, a newly released study says suicide rates have increased almost 30 percent in the the last 20 years.

Six years earlier in 2001, Tom O'Clair's 12-year-old son, Timothy, took his own life.

But the hope in knowing that so numerous millions of Americans who struggle with mental health issues go on to recovery can seem hard to focus on amid tragedies such as this week's public deaths of designer Kate Spade and celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain, said office director Sarah Brummett.

One day after the Center for Disease Control declared that suicide was a national problem, another celebrity has died after an apparent suicide.

Professor Julie Cerel, president of the American Association of Suicidology, expressed the view that having better reporting standards could account for some of the increase, but also pointed to a lack of adequate funding for mental health research and preventative care. Twenty-five states experienced a rise in suicides by more than 30 percent, the government report finds.

The rates also climbed among all age groups, except for people over the age of 74.

"For a long, long time we looked at suicide simply through the lens of mental health", Reed said.

The CDC found 55 percent of suicides where the person was not known to have a mental health condition were carried out using firearms, and 45 percent of those who did have a diagnosed mental health issue.

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The suicides of Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain this week reflect what federal health officials say is a rising trend nationwide.

Experts say confronting the issues needs to be a priority. You will be routed to a local crisis center where professionals can talk you through a risk assessment and provide resources in your community. Rates increased in all USA states except Nevada, where the rate was consistently high throughout the study period. But Colorado is taking steps to remind its residents that they are not alone in their battles: The state is pairing people in mental health crisis with survivors.

"Middle-aged adults had the largest number of suicides and a particularly high increase in suicide rates".

"For many of us who have been close to someone or lost someone we know that suicide happens and that we know it's a real risk out there".

"If you're anxious about somebody you know ask open and clearly", Marx said.

Suicide can be prevent through intervention and treatment and that's where McEnroe and his team at Emerge Family Therapy come in.

As she was driving to work Friday, Buhse said, she heard three mentions of the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline's number, which is 800-273-8255.

"I think remaining steady is something to be recognized, but we can't celebrate that", said Allen.

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