EA took a 'deep dive' into Anthem with three of its developers

EA took a 'deep dive' into Anthem with three of its developers

EA took a 'deep dive' into Anthem with three of its developers

One of the big questions about Anthem has always been how BioWare will fit its usual penchant for grand, player-centric stories into a multiplayer-focused experience.

"We launched our game in November of past year and clearly we didn't get it quite right", he admitted. It's a significant seismic shift, and it will be fascinating to see how it plays out across EA and the game industry at large. The game is set between episodes 3&4; an era where Jedi are hunted down and all but eradicated. The game will be released on August 10 but the truly big news is that it's coming to PC.

You'll still be building relationships and maintaining friendships, but you won't be falling for any specific characters the way we did in BioWare's previous games. The game will be expanding with new content from the Clone Wars era, which will include characters like Obi-Wan Kenobi, General Grievous, Anakin Skywalker and Count Dooku.

Fans of the original EA game Unravel will be glad to hear of a sequel called Unravel Two. You can change which suit you use as well as customise them. More details on the battle royale mode will come later this year.

EA has made a similar promise for the upcoming "Battlefield V" at the conference held Saturday.

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The gameplay footage gave a short look at a typical mission. First up was the announcement of Sea of Solitude. Anthem was delayed into 2019, allegedly due to development pressures.

The team confirmed that this isn't an MMO, but something different. Out on missions, however, players will be able to bring three friends along for the ride.

In Anthem, up to four players explore and battle in a risky, mysterious place populated by great characters and a unique BioWare story.

"We really wanted players to express themselves both through customising the way their Javelin plays through gear and weapons, but also the way it looks through paint jobs and also changing the actual geometry of the suit itself", explained executive producer Mark Darrah. More's the pity. Citadel was ace, though, so if there's a breath of that sort of camaraderie in Anthem we might get to enjoy some of that BioWare magic after all.

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