Prosecutors Reviewing Stallone Sexual Assault Allegation

Prosecutors Reviewing Stallone Sexual Assault Allegation

Prosecutors Reviewing Stallone Sexual Assault Allegation

Los Angeles prosecutors said on Wednesday that their sex crimes team was reviewing a case against Rocky actor Sylvester Stallone.

This won't be the first time that Stallone has had allegations of sexual misconduct levied against him.

If that is the alleged case under review, it is not clear how it could be prosecuted now under the statute of limitations in effect in California at the time.

In December, Stallone's lawyer said that a woman had "filed a police report alleging a rape that occurred 27 years ago".

Berk could not be immediately reached for comment.

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Prosecutors in the USA are reviewing a sexual assault allegation made against Sylvester Stallone which the actor has denied.

Greg Risling, spokesman for the District Attorney's office, said that case was brought forward by the city of Santa Monica, Reuters reported. But he has yet to be charged with a crime there. Risling did not give further details about the case. Any crimes committed out of that time frame can not be prosecuted in California.

Sylvester Stallone accepts the Best Supporting Actor award for "Creed" at Critics' Choice Awards on January 17, 2016 in Santa Monica.

California has a complex statute of limitations for criminal prosecutions of sexual abuse but offences must generally be prosecuted within 10 years. He also co-wrote and will reprise his role as Rocky Balboa in "Creed 2".

Sylvester Stallone on a recent visit to the White House.

In an interview with the New York Post, Singer said the rush of #MeToo stories that followed accusations against Harvey Weinstein are what led to the claim being made against Stallone.

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