Trump announces he will sign an executive action to end family separation

Trump announces he will sign an executive action to end family separation

Trump announces he will sign an executive action to end family separation

But the move leaves many questions unanswered.

President Donald Trump announced Wednesday he will sign an executive order to end family separations at the U.S. -Mexico border.

The president said child smugglers, which he cited as a major reason behind that parent-child separation policy Tuesday, "use these children as passports to get into the country".

"I didn't like the sight or feeling of families being separated", said Trump. "If you are smuggling a child, then we will prosecute you and that child will be separated from you as required by law". When it was revealed the photo was taken in 2014, he deleted the tweet saying the Obama government's "challenge was reconnecting unaccompanied minors who showed up at the border with family or a safe sponsor".

It comes amid widespread condemnation of President Trump's zero-tolerance policy on migrants at the U.S. southern border after emotive footage showed deeply distressed children crying for their families.

"There are now 239 children right here as a result of the Trump administration's family separation policy", he said.

What court orders is he talking about?

"Getting rid of the Flores Settlement is the quickest way to solve the problem", Krikorian said.

Republican leaders in the House are now trying to put together an immigration bill that will keep immigrant children in detention indefinitely, but housed with their parents.

Since April the Trump administration had been following a "zero-tolerance" policy, which criminally prosecutes people who illegally cross into U.S. territory leading to separation from their accompanying children.

What else did Trump order? In recent years, the Department of Homeland Security has seen an exponential increase in fake "family units" and human traffickers posing as parents.

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Under the order, entire immigrant families would be detained together by the Department of Homeland Security pending legal and court proceedings for the parents.

However, Republicans, who have a majority in both the upper and lower house, have signaled that they may not have sufficient votes to pass the legislation.

Trump did not end the "zero tolerance" provision of his policy that requires the prosecution of all unlawful immigrants as criminals.

"We will be going through Congress". "So I'm going to be signing an executive order in a little while before I go to Minnesota". But as The Washington Post reports, few people are predicting either House measure will pass. The decision did not state parents must be released.

Kenneth Wolfe, a spokesman for the Department of Health and Human Services [HHS]' Administration for Children and Families [ACF], initially told reporters the children's cases would proceed through the system as usual. She said she is being held in an immigration detention center in Texas, but has yet to see her son who she believes is in NY. They crossed through Mexico to reach the USA border.

Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick said he supported the executive order.

"It's about keeping families together while at the same time being sure that we have a very powerful and very strong border", Trump said.

"ICE is committed to connecting family members as quickly as possible after separation so that parents know the location of their children", the spokesperson added.

"The first lady has been making her opinion known to the president for some time now, which was that he needed to do all he could to help families stay together", an official said.

"This was a crisis of their own creation, a thinly veiled and spectacularly failed political stunt that deserved every ounce of criticism it received from the public, politicians, religious leaders and corporations", said Atkinson, whose group is chaired by the Rev. Kevin W. Vann, bishop of the Diocese of Orange.

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