Italy to pick up migrants, impound German charity ship

Italy to pick up migrants, impound German charity ship

Italy to pick up migrants, impound German charity ship

A meeting of Italy's anti-migrant interior minister with like-minded Austrian populist leaders on Wednesday in Rome heralded a new hard-line axis forming in Europe on migration issues with pledges to more firmly protect Europe's southern border.

Merkel said Germany remains committed to the Paris climate accord fighting global warming but acknowledged that the country still needs to do more to curb emissions, particularly in the transport sector, if it wants to meet its own goals.

He added that the boat of putting the migrants' lives in danger, saying the ship had a "capacity to carry 50 people" but had taken onboard more than 200. The ship's position Thursday night was not clear.

But unlike Salvini, Toninelli said Italy would take in the migrants.

But Toninelli, who oversees the Italian coast guard, said it would escort Lifeline "to an Italian port to conduct a probe" and to impound the ship. Salvini is making good on an election promise to go after rescue ships run by aid groups, which he has likened to taxi services that help the migrant smugglers.

Earlier on Thursday, the Dutch-flagged German ship Lifeline, owned by the charity of the same name, was refused entry to Rome's ports as the debate over the current migrant crisis in the European Union raged on.

Salvini has demanded that Malta, the EU's smallest country, allow the Lifeline to dock because it was in the island's waters.

With chances for an European Union deal on sharing out those who make it to Europe close to zero, sources said Germany would want the Sunday meeting to produce a commitment from states like Greece and Italy to take back asylum-seekers who make it to Germany.

"The rescue, which happened in the Libyan rescue zone, was being coordinated by the Italian authorities and later on by the Libyan authorities".

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German Chancellor Angela Merkel on Thursday promised a $100 million loan to troubled Jordan, where mass protests over austerity measures forced the prime minister to resign earlier this month.

"We try to help you get an education", she told one student in English. "On the contrary, we would like to send somewhere a few", he added.

Merkel hence pushed for an emergency meeting this Sunday with leaders from nine other countries - including the major arrival states Italy and Greece, as well as France, Austria, Bulgaria, the Netherlands and others.

But the government was placated after Merkel told them the text had been shelved.

Europe has seen a huge influx of migrant arrivals since 2015, mostly from war-torn Syria and Iraq, and the influx of migrants has seen a rise in anti-immigration parties across the continent.

"She's been identified with this whole issue of refugees and migration - I wouldn't reduce her entire chancellorship to this, but nevertheless she has widely been identified with it", Mr Gaier said.

Referring to hasty arrangements and a domestic crisis over migration policies within Germany's coalition government, the fervently anti-migrant Hungarian prime minister, Viktor Orban, said: "We understand that countries have domestic political difficulties, but this can't result in pan-European confusion".

"Today I am urging European states to seize this opportunity to find a new and united approach that answers the shared needs of all countries to be able to manage their borders and their migration policies, in a way that simultaneously upholds the European and global asylum standards that emerged from the Second World War", he said.

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