Corbyn congratulates Mexico’s president after winning landslide

Corbyn congratulates Mexico’s president after winning landslide

Corbyn congratulates Mexico’s president after winning landslide

Lopez Obrador, a leftist populist who won the country's election by a landslide Sunday, traveled to a meeting with outgoing President Enrique Peña Nieto at the National Palace in Mexico City as a half-dozen television cameramen on motorcycles trekked alongside his auto, which had the windows open.

The United States, which works closely with Mexican law enforcement in its fight against drug cartels, was tired of a softening of Mexico's security policies.

Lopez Obrador said he planned a meeting with global leaders - including Pope Francis, rights activists and the United Nations - for Tuesday night to discuss ideas to solve Mexico's violent crime.

"We're going to accompany the current government in this negotiation, we're going to be very respectful, and we're going to support the signing of the agreement", he told Milenio TV. We are always going to seek for there to be an agreement.

"We are never going to disrespect the USA government, because we want them to respect us", Lopez Obrador said".

Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador promised "profound change" and to tackle the "evil" of corruption.

A late-night official quick count from electoral authorities forecast that Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador would win with between 53 percent and 53.8 percent of the vote, a remarkable margin not seen in the country for many years.

The former Mexico City mayor, who has held double-digit leads in polling for months, campaigned on increased social spending and opposition to private investment in the country's energy sector.

She said a Lopez Obrador presidency is a good way to kick the ruling Institutional Revolutionary Party, or PRI, out of power.

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But after winning the election, he told Milenio TV he would respect the ongoing talks, with the aim of forging a deal that is good for Mexico. He said he will govern for the poor and fight rampant corruption, and also pulled back from promises to completely scrap energy and education reforms instituted by the Pena Nieto administration. Lopez Obrador rode to victory on a wave of widespread anger over graft and violence.

The results make Obrador Mexico's first presidential candidate to receive more than 50 per cent of the vote since the PRI lost its dominant position in the last century. "But it has to be made clear that he has to deliver what he promises and not become like the rest", he said.

Mexican presidents are limited by law to a single term.

Furious at spiraling corruption and violence, Mexican voters unleashed a political natural disaster Sunday by electing a leftist firebrand as president and giving him a broad mandate to overthrow the political establishment and govern for the poor.

The elections have significance for the United States as well.

Mexico recorded about 29,000 killings previous year, the highest annual number since modern records started being kept two decades ago.

Lopez Obrador also spoke of reducing Mexican immigration to the United States through economic development.

AMLO ran on a nationalist ticket and promised to be a lot less conciliatory than his predecessor towards the USA, should he win the election. Beyond that, Ross said it was unclear whether Mexico's incoming president would either bring in new negotiators or set a different agenda.

But the main question in the new era of AMLO and his party, Morena, will be whether Mexico-U.S. border security and anti-narcotics cooperation will maintain the close cooperation established over the past 12 years.

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