Trump Told Putin: My Aides Are "Stupid People"

Trump Told Putin: My Aides Are

Trump Told Putin: My Aides Are "Stupid People"

Well, a new report reveals another tidbit of information on what President Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin talked about during that conversation.

This personal animosity between the alliance's most important national leaders comes at an especially infelicitous time, with Vladimir Putin's Russian Federation applying pressure around Nato's periphery, using "hybrid warfare" techniques to destabilize the Baltic and Black Sea nations, and employing cyber operations to undermine democracy as far away as the US.

Trump has shown his affinity for closed-door meetings already during his historic summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un last month. He has pulled the US out of the Paris climate agreement as well as the Iran nuclear deal, slapped tariffs on steel and aluminum imports, and threatened additional tariffs on products like automobiles. "He'll be looking for at least that kind of outcome and he will be willing to flatter and promise and manipulate to get it".

Separately, U.S. Representative to NATO Kay Bailey Hutchison told reporters Thursday that the alliance is moving forward together, and "everyone has the same goal, and that is a strong deterrent and an alliance that is unified" against threats like Russian Federation and China.

"He is going to understand that playing to ego is a smart thing to do", Burns added.

Kissinger Associates political consultant Thomas Graham told Kommersant that Putin might be willing to acknowledge that nonstate actors from Russian Federation were involved in the 2016 election. Yet once again, before the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation summit there are a lot of questions and concerns in regards to President Trump's attitude towards North Atlantic Treaty Organisation and its members.

"There are great concerns in the alliance about what agreements Trump and Putin could reach", Beyer told the Funke Mediengruppe.

Former Malaysian premier Najib charged in graft probe
The ex-Prime Minister said that he hoped that the court case will follow the rule of law. Najib, 64, has accused Malaysia's new government of seeking "political vengeance".

"President Trump spent most of his life not working on foreign policy".

Putin complained to Trump about the people who tried to stop the two men from talking, reporter Julie Hirschfeld Davis found.

At the same time, he declared that "Putin is fine" and that he had been preparing for their summit "all my life". "But he's effective when he tells those stories".

Trump has insisted that he will be "totally prepared" for the summit with Putin, saying that he "might even end up having a good relationship" with the Russian strongman.

Although administration officials point to the long-standing alliance between the United States and the United Kingdom, Trump's itinerary will largely keep him out of central London, where significant protests are expected.

Now only three European countries hit the two percent target, and while alliance officials are hopeful that four more will join the list by the July 11-12 summit, it is unlikely to satisfy Trump.

European allies may be less anxious about how Trump might behave in Brussels than about what he could say or do in his meeting with Putin, whose approval he so appears to crave.

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