The Morning After: Microsoft's smaller Surface

The Morning After: Microsoft's smaller Surface

The Morning After: Microsoft's smaller Surface

From our perspective here at, the Surface Go looks like it could be a killer new product for Microsoft and, priced as it is, it is a very aggressive foray into Apple's computing tablet territory, which it continues to dominate right now with its new iPad and iPad Pro.

With a touch-sensitive screen, the Surface Pro has a 3: 2 aspect ratio and a resolution of 1800x1200 pixels. Microsoft says the company wanted to offer a no-compromise, predictable performance experience with the Go, thus opting for the classic Intel processors instead of something like Qualcomm's Snapdragon ARM processors. The device will provide 64GB of storage with 4GB of RAM and comes out in August.

To the Surface Go. Starting at $399 MSRP, it represents a new entry point for the Surface family, while keeping the premium qualities that have come to define it. The Surface Go will be pitted against Apple's $329 iPad.

Microsoft is selling the Surface Go at the relatively approachable starting price of $399 (£379, about AU$539).

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The Surface Go can be pre-ordered as from 10 July in the UK, US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, France, Germany, Austria, Belgium, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Switzerland, Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden, Poland, Italy, Portugal, and Spain. The Surface Go is no longer a rumor and now a reality, and while it doesn't bring about many surprises, perhaps that's a good thing.

I also feel that the RAM configurations for the Surface Go add more confusion to the mix. Businesses and schools buying the device will get Windows 10 Pro, which they can put in S Mode if they wish. The Type Cover starts at $99 but will increase to $129 for anyone who wants "laptop-class typing", something that will apparently get them keys with around 1mm of physical travel. There's nearly a Surface for everyone; ranging from the exquisite and incredibly expensive Microsoft Surface Studio to the luxurious, powerful and portable Surface Laptop, with all sorts of variations in between. All Surface Go models come with a USB C connector, a microSD Card slot, a Surface connect port, a headphone jack, and Microsoft's Surface kickstand built in. In the future, SKUs with 256GB SSDs, as well as LTE connectivity will be available, though pricing information is not yet available. The detachable 2-in-1 tablet uses an optional Type Cover keyboard that costs $99.

There's one other way the Surface Go stands out versus the iPad. The tablet is also the thinnest model Microsoft has ever made, at just.32 inches. The 10-inch tablet is a little larger than the standard iPad, but is capable of running a full version of Windows. We've played Minecraft on the Surface Go with not a dip in frame rate.

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