Trump weighs in on breastfeeding debate, defends formula

Trump weighs in on breastfeeding debate, defends formula

Trump weighs in on breastfeeding debate, defends formula

In opposing the resolution, the USA was said to align with the corporate interests of formula manufacturers. When Ecuador refused to water down the resolution as the United States requested, according to the Times, the Trump administration threatened punishing trade measures and withdrawing military aid.

The New York Times alleges the United States attempted to browbeat others countries into dropping the resolution.

Then the Russians stepped in and introduced the measure in Ecuador's stead.

A weekend report in The New York Times stated that U.S. delegates to a recent World Health Organization meeting sought to delete from a resolution on infant nutrition language that urged member states to "protect, promote and support" breastfeeding.

The story, first reported by the New York Times, has outraged public-health advocates because it flouts decades of public-health wisdom about the benefits of breastfeeding.

So why was the United States so reluctant to ratify a UN resolution on promoting breastfeeding worldwide and limiting advertisements for baby formula?

For instance, "mothers who must return to work shortly postpartum face enormous challenges in establishing lactation and continuing to breastfeed as recommended", she said.

Many American women agree, saying the cultural mandate to breastfeed no matter their personal circumstances and zealous hospital lactation programs is another example of how women's bodies are not their own to manage.

Protests, pro-rallies planned across United Kingdom ahead of Trump's visit
The US ambassador was forced to deny that Trump's itinerary has been created to keep him away from protests expected in London . It will be a working visit, which will see him have meetings with the Prime Minister, British business leaders and the Queen.

He added that although the group didn't find negative effects on infant mortality on populations with clean water, that "doesn't mean there's no difference between breast milk and formula".

Shonn Brown, a Dallas attorney who has worked in employment law, says most employers already have policies on breastfeeding. If all children under 6 months were exclusively breastfed, World Health Organization said, it thinks "about 820,000 child lives would be saved every year".

The resolution as originally drafted placed unnecessary hurdles for mothers seeking to provide nutrition to their children.

"These women should have the choice and access to alternatives for the health of their babies, and not be stigmatized for the ways in which they are able to do so", a spokesperson said in an email.

In addition to the trade threats, an Ecuadorean government official told the Times the US threatened to withdrawal military support from northern Ecuador, where violence from boarding Colombia causes ongoing issues. These are situations during which it has been common to solicit formula donations for the affected countries, says Maaike Arts, an early childhood nutrition specialist with UNICEF. So they're marketed nearly as if they are infant formula for babies, which is important and is something good.

At the same assembly, USA leaders sided with the pharmaceutical industry and fought unsuccessfully against an effort to help poor countries get access to lifesaving medications.

"A resolution to encourage breastfeeding was expected to be approved quickly and easily by the hundreds of government delegates who gathered this spring in Geneva for the United Nations-affiliated World Health Assembly".

Infant formula represents a huge global market - worth $47 billion in 2015 - with emerging markets accounting for most of the current growth. According to the Times, the saga shows how the Trump administration backs corporations over the public good and how the Trump administration is disrupting the rules-based order.

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