Public Service Commission orders Charter/Spectrum to leave New York State

Public Service Commission orders Charter/Spectrum to leave New York State

Public Service Commission orders Charter/Spectrum to leave New York State

In this press statement, Public Service Commission regulators said on Friday, July 27 that Spectrum - the largest cable provider in ny - failed to comply with several conditions mandated when the state approved Charter's merger with Time Warner Cable, 2016.

As a result, Charter will now have to pay a total of $3 million in penalties. "The most critical of these conditions required Charter to expand the company's network. within less-populated areas of NY".

Members of the Public Service Commission took action Friday to order Charter Communications out of NY. We'll see how Charter responds and what actually comes of this, but with more than 2 million subscribers to Charter in NY, it's going to have a major impact on the television and internet landscape there.

"Such egregious conduct can not be condoned and the only reasonable remedy that remains is for the Commission to revoke the 2016 merger approval and order Charter to plan for an orderly transition to a successor provider (s) to serve its New York State customers", the PCS said. "Charter's non-compliance and brazenly disrespectful behavior toward New York State and its customers necessitates the actions taken today seeking court-ordered penalties for its failures, and revoking the Charter merger approval".

But, the commission said, Charter soon missed its first deadline to expand its network to an additional 36,250 homes by May 2017.

That pledge was one of the "most critical" conditions attached to the merger approval, the commission argued in an order posted online Friday.

"The fact is that Spectrum has extended the reach of our advanced broadband network to more than 86,000 NY homes and businesses since our merger agreement with the PSC", the email from Charter stated. The PSC said it is ordering Charter to sell the former TWC system that it purchased in NY, and it's "bring [ing] an enforcement action in State Supreme Court to seek additional penalties for Charter's past failures and ongoing non-compliance".

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Regulators in NY are reneging on their approval of Charter Communications acquisition of Time Warner Cable, alleging the cable provider broke its promise to deliver high-speed broadband to rural customers.

Charter is ordered to file within 60 days a plan with the commission to ensure an orderly transition to a successor provider (s).

The ruling shouldn't affect cable service to the company's NY customers.

Charter is also accused of "below standard installation and construction work" including, the commission claims, improperly installing poles and leaving detached wires laying on the ground.

Charter is the largest cable provider in the state.

A spokesman for the NYPSC didn't respond to requests for comment.

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