Samsung Galaxy Note 9: Next-Gen S-Pen Previewed Through Tab S4!

Samsung Galaxy Note 9: Next-Gen S-Pen Previewed Through Tab S4!

Samsung Galaxy Note 9: Next-Gen S-Pen Previewed Through Tab S4!

It's been on Apple devices since the middle of March this year, but has yet to make the jump to the other big mobile platform. If it does, this could mean it'll beat Samsung's Galaxy F which doesn't have a release date as yet. After all, it's easy to see Fortnite fanatics who are in the market for a new phone anyway opt for the Galaxy Note 9 to get early access to the Android version of the game. Another offer for those not interested in Fortnite will get to opt for wireless AKG headphones, said the reports.

Confirming previous reports, the Note 9 will feature a whopping 4,000 mAh battery with Samsung promoting a device capable of supporting today's data-hungry lifestyle. While this information can not be confirmed, the possibility doesn't seem unlikely since Fortnite for Android has been expected to launch this summer.

According to key sources, Samsung and Epic Games may have entered into an agreement that marks the debut of Fortnite on Android, and Galaxy Note 9 will become the first Android device to come pre-loaded with the popular game. Many have even claimed that the Note 9 could eventually ditch the DeX dock while still managing to perform the DeX functionalities.

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Epic Games has been preparing for the launch of Fortnite on Android for quite some time now.

Under the title "A lot can change in a day", the South Korean tech giant advertised the showcase event slated for August 9 through three different video clips, each depicting everyday problems people face when using smartphones.

The third Note 9 teaser addresses that very bad "Storage Full" alert we've all gotten at one point or another. The presentation of the novelties to be held on August 9, along with the Galaxy Note 9. Again, these freebies is could lead to further disappointment for other Android users who have been waiting for the game for a long time.

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