Mars will reach closest to Earth in 15 years

Mars will reach closest to Earth in 15 years

Mars will reach closest to Earth in 15 years

Solar eclipses are typically only seen by a small selection of the earth's population because the shadow cast by the moon is comparatively smaller than that cast by the earth.

A lunar eclipse takes place when the Earth passes between the Sun and the Moon, casting the Moon into shadow. Atmospheres, similar to glass lenses, can refract sunlight.

The eclipse is slated to last almost 1 hour 43 minutes - the longest in about a century.

The astronomer further said, "Residents of Qatar will have a good chance to see and observe all the phases of the eclipse, starting from the evening of Friday till morning of Saturday".

People in areas experiencing the total eclipse may also want to spend a few moments looking at other parts of the sky for some shooting stars.

Why is a Full Moon in July called a Thunder Moon or Buck Moon?

- In Dunedin the interval is reduced to four minutes; in Christchurch, three minutes.

But during a lunar eclipse, the glow of the moon has a much less intense brightness than the sun.

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Its colour will be somewhere between dark brown and blood red. Some light, though, will still reach the moon because it is bent by the earth's atmosphere. Blood moon, though, refers to the brightest shade of red, that the Moon will reflect at the height of the lunar eclipse.

There is also strong evidence of the presence of a large amount of water in the lunar mantle, which would have been deposited very early in the formation of the Moon.

"If you were standing on the moon in this eclipse, you would see the sun and then the earth would come in the way and blot out the sun", said Fabian. In this process, if any interference come in the way of a beam of light, the rays in the beam gets scattered, and reflect different colours. In recent years, studies have suggested that there is more water ice on the moon than previously believed and that water could exist beneath the surface.

Unfortunately, MetService is predicting Saturday will bring showers or rain in the west and south of the country, heavy for a time over the South Island. The first lunar eclipse, a "super blood moon" occurred on January 31.

In Metro Manila, Manila Bay will have one of the best vistas, he said.

"It really isn't anything spectacular". People there can watch on one of several live webcasts. That's quite a rare phenomenon.

However, the visibility will depend on weather conditions.

One promising line of inquiry for any future space missions would be to obtain samples from deposits from the period of heightened volcanic activity to see if they contained water or other possible markers of life. "What more could you want?"

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