Polar Bear Shot and Killed After Attacking a Cruise Ship Guard

Polar Bear Shot and Killed After Attacking a Cruise Ship Guard

Polar Bear Shot and Killed After Attacking a Cruise Ship Guard

The statement mentions the remaining guards' attempts to remove the polar bear without force before they shot and subsequently killed the animal.

However, they failed to spot one bear, who attacked one of the guards, the cruise line said.

The Associated Press reported the attack happened Saturday when the guard was leading tourists off a cruise ship on the Svalbard archipelago.

The animal attacked the guard after the boat docked at the island, with the two men reaching land before the tourists.

"Hapag-Lloyd Cruises has worked comprehensively and co-operatively with the Norwegian authorities to reconstruct and clarify the incident on the ground and will continue to do so", the company added.

Hapag-Lloyd assured the landing was not for polar bear observation as guests are only allowed to view the wild animals on board and from a safe distance.

The German cruise company said a second guard shot the bear "in self-defence".

A polar bear has been shot dead after it attacked a cruise ship guard on Norway's Svalbard archipelago, within the Arctic Circle.

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The injured man was airlifted to a hospital in the town of Longyearbyen, on Spitsbergen island.

Reaction to the death of this polar bear has been swift.

"He is out of danger, with no threat to life", the post reads.

In 1995, Nina Jeanette Olaussen, 22, from Oslo was attacked and killed by polar bear on Platafjellet, just west of Longyearbyen, and just five months later Helmer Kristian Kristensen from Tromso was exposed to the same fate, Aftenposten wrote.

"Due to the risk of meeting polar bears visitors traveling in Svalbard must always have firearms and protection devices at hand, such as a big-game rifle and ammunition for self-defense, flare gun or an emergency signal flare pen for driving off polar bears and tripwire with flares for camping", its online cruise handbook states.

"They had no right to get themselves into a situation where they needed to defend themselves", said one Twitter user.

A 17-year-old Briton died and four other members of the expedition were hurt before the bear was killed.

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