To Kiki or not to: Police across states go creative with warnings

To Kiki or not to: Police across states go creative with warnings

To Kiki or not to: Police across states go creative with warnings

The #KiKiChallenge, also known as #InMyFeelingsChallenge, involves a participant who opens passenger door of a moving auto and dances along side it to the opening lines of Drake's hit from his latest album Scorpion.

"Ki ki do you love me?"

She shared the video on Instagram with the caption: 'This is what happens when you try to show off too much'.

The "In My Feelings" challenge is fast becoming one of the biggest social media trends of 2018.

Then it was singer Drake who sung a song with lyrics "Kiki, do you love me" in the song "In My Feelings"... Some users have attempted to start dancing after jumping out of a moving vehicle, prompting the National Transportation Safety Board and local authorities to warn people about the risks of attempting the dance in oncoming traffic.

Even the Bengaluru Police had cautioned people against taking part in the challenge.

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The trend began when Internet comedian Shiggy posted a video of himself dancing to the song.

Several Indian and global celebrities have taken this challenge and posted the videos on social media, inspiring millions of others to make their own videos.

He first posted the dance on June 30 encouraging his 1.6 million followers to #DoTheShiggy.

According to Norwood, things took a drastic turn when his slides slipped on a wet spot on the ground and the oncoming vehicle hit him as a result. The Canadian rapper's song with the song line, "Kiki do you love me", has led police across the world to issue warnings against the unsafe dance attempts.

Ahram Online is reporting that participating in the dance challenge in Egypt could land you in jail.

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