Vettel doesn't blame Bottas for collision

Vettel doesn't blame Bottas for collision

Vettel doesn't blame Bottas for collision

Following back-to-back defeats to Mercedes AMG Petronas Motorsport and Lewis Hamilton, Ferrari's lead challenger, Sebastian Vettel, has lost significant ground in the drivers' championship.

"Vettel, who finised second behind Hamilton, said: "His tyres were getting worse and worse and I was quite confident I could get him".

After the race concluded, he was handed a 10-second penalty, and two points on his licence but there was to be no change to the final result.

"We could have probably caught him but not passed him".

Bottas displayed excellent defense in second place to try and deny the Ferrari duo.

'What positives? First of all wingman hurts, ' he told SkySportsF1. "I don't think it's a disaster but it could be better, for sure". It has been a peculiar run, with victories shared between Hamilton (3), Vettel (1) and Max Verstappen (1), but at only one Grand Prix - France - has the victor truly been the favourite pre-weekend.

"It was hard in the wet and hard to squeeze everything out of the auto".

Hamilton, now 24 points clear of Ferrari's Sebastian Vettel after 12 of the 21 races, will head off on holiday a happy man but also recognising he is in a different kind of fight this year compared to 2017.

Both Bottas and Wolff have insisted he is free to compete on equal terms. 'Our bosses stopped reading what Christian Horner is saying about us since 2015, ' said the Frenchman.

But despite airing his views about talking with Wolff live on television, Bottas claimed his comments were "out of context" via his official twitter account.

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Bottas did not take kindly to being branded "the flawless wingman" by Mercedes chief Toto Wolff after the Hungarian Grand Prix.

"It was fun to push, because I stopped twice [the tyres] lasted well and was able to go full speed".

"The bittersweet feeling I have is that he would have deserved to finish P2 - where he has started and where he was after Lap 1".

'He drove a sensational race and helped Lewis build his lead'. The two Mercedes, Hamilton and Bottas lead the way.

The Finn later tweeted a clarification saying, "I have not called a meeting with the bosses for Toto saying I was the flawless wingman in this race". "There is no need to". His vehicle was relatively unscathed at the end compared to Bottas and Daniel Ricciardo's cars, which endured a couple of hairy carbon-crunching moments each, not least in the final minutes of the race when Bottas' tyres waved the white flag as Ricciardo attempted a pass around the outside of turn one.

"We know that consistency is the key, scoring points, and I did myself no favours last week", said Vettel.

The intervention of rain facilitated Lewis Hamilton's German Grand Prix triumph and a few days later in Hungary the wet stuff again had a seismic impact on the outcome of a race weekend.

"I think what we did was OK", said Vettel on the strategy, reckoning teams underestimated the durability of the Ultrasofts.

"A lot can happen moving forward, but what is important is that we continue to keep the pressure on and work as we have done until now".

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