National Archives to review all Kavanaugh records by October, potentially delaying confirmation

National Archives to review all Kavanaugh records by October, potentially delaying confirmation

National Archives to review all Kavanaugh records by October, potentially delaying confirmation

In a separate letter dated Thursday and obtained by The Washington Post, Burck says the legal team has already gone through 125,035 pages of Kavanaugh's records and handed those documents over to the Senate Judiciary Committee for its review.

Grassley's committee communications director Taylor Foy told TPM in an email, asked about NARA's letter, "Because the George W. Bush Presidential Library has agreed to facilitate an open and transparent process, following the Archives' established nonpartisan document review guidelines, the committee will receive documents in an even more rapid fashion from the Bush Library as the Archives continues its statutory document review". But they don't contain the broader cache of files being sought by Democrats from Kavanaugh's time as Bush's staff secretary. Thom Tillis, a Republican from North Carolina, said while standing before a stack of dozens of cardboard boxes to showcase what the GOP says is an unprecedented disclosure of records by a Supreme Court nominee.

Grassley says he will not ask the National Archives to release the documents from Kavanaugh's time as White House staff secretary because they are too sensitive.

Grassley said he would prefer a Kavanaugh confirmation hearing in early September, since it could take the committee two weeks to vote on the nomination because of committee rules.

"I'm exhausted of partisanship and frankly, we didn't treat their candidates for these positions the way they're treating ours", Sen.

"Please note that we will not be able to complete our review of all of the records that you have requested by August 15, 2018", Stern wrote to Grassley.

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"To help expedite the Committee's access to records, President Bush has expressed his willingness to make available directly to the Committee copies of records that the team of lawyers has reviewed and that he has approved for disclosure", Burck said in the letter to Schumer.

Senate Democratic Leader Chuck Schumer said Democrats also object to the Bush library, rather than nonpartisan archives officials, vetting the documents.

However, it should be possible to get the documents to Senators much more quickly than the Archives review process permits. "To be clear, President Bush has offered this as a courtesy to the Committee to assist in a timely assessment of Judge Kavanaugh's nomination". He said he could not reach an agreement with Feinstein over the scope of the documents request.

Republicans hope to have Kavanaugh confirmed by the start of the next Supreme Court session, October 1.

Republicans have been hesitant to request those records, however, and have accused Democrats of engaging in stalling tactics.

Many Democratic senators have refused to meet with Judge Kavanaugh until nearly a million pages of documents related to his time working for the Bush administration are released. "When the hearing is over I will want to call him".

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