Trump to Keep Kelly as His Chief of Staff Through 2020

Trump to Keep Kelly as His Chief of Staff Through 2020

Trump to Keep Kelly as His Chief of Staff Through 2020

And Kelly began to entertain the idea of staying in the post longer if asked, according to a person familiar with the chief of staff's thinking but not authorized to discuss private conversations.

If Kelly does indeed stay through the next presidential election, it would make him one of the longest-serving chiefs of staff in recent history.

The retired Marine Corps general "had been widely expected to leave the White House some time this summer", according to the Journal.

Kelly was brought on in July 2017 to impose order on a chaotic West Wing, replacing Reince Priebus.

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Trump is known as a mercurial boss whose feelings on key staffers can shift rapidly.

Trump congratulated John Kelly in a tweet that includes a photo of the two men smiling wide.

Trump had consulted with advisers about whom he should pick as Kelly's successor - and considered Nick Ayers, chief of staff to Vice President Mike Pence, and Mick Mulvaney, who heads the Office of Management and Budget. "Kelly is essentially calling Trump's bluff", says Sherman.

Kelly's allies have said he took the job out of a sense of duty and he has not exactly hidden his simmering dissatisfaction. While he has not backed away from his assertion that the position is "the hardest job" he'll ever have, Kelly has signaled a willingness to forge ahead in the postition even with diminished clout. (It might have been more interesting and revealing if one or both of them had leapt up and stormed out of the room, but no dice.) So far no one is claiming that Kelly's relationship with Trump is anything other than grudgingly tolerable, sounding more like a old, bad marriage than a relatively new, dysfunctional employment situation. It's a one-man show and no one is getting in the way of Trump's delusion that he's nailing it on a daily basis. As a chief with no background in politics, he'll likely be responsible for running White House operations while Trump focuses on his re-election campaign.

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