Samsung Galaxy Home Bixby smart speaker HomePod-rival previewed

Samsung Galaxy Home Bixby smart speaker HomePod-rival previewed

Samsung Galaxy Home Bixby smart speaker HomePod-rival previewed

Also upgraded this year for the Galaxy Note 9, which is set to go on sale August 24, is the battery.

The camera inside the Note 9 hops on board the computational-photography-and-AI train with two bundles of smarts.

And then we have the signature, all-new S Pen with Bluetooth support.

As for the S Pen stylus, used for note-taking and general navigation around the phone, Samsung has added a few features.

SAMSUNG HAS SURPRISED no one with the unveiling of the Galaxy Note 9, which is exactly what you were expecting it to be.

The camera now has scene detection modes that can choose the best shooting mode for you, features seen on 2018's Huawei P20 Pro and LG G7 ThinQ. If just 5% of iPhone buyers a year purchased a pencil, that's more than a billion in extra revenue per year for Apple, not counting any additional iPad or iPhone sales from those who could use the Pencil on multiple devices.

The mostly matte metal frame also gets a diamond cut treatment, so you'll see a shiny metal finish at the surrounding area where the metal meets the glass.

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The Galaxy Note 8 (left) and Galaxy Note 9. The world-facing camera has a dual-sensor system with optical image stabilization on both snappers. That SoC comes paired with 6 GB of RAM and 128 GB of flash storage in the base Note 9, while an upgraded version offers 8 GB of RAM and 512 GB of storage. Samsung's approach this year is focused more towards the specifics, as the company has introduced several key upgrades on the Galaxy Note 9.

Our Samsung Galaxy Note 9 review (early verdict) is live!

Samsung also notes that all Galaxy Note9 and Tab S4 users will receive a unique Fortnite Galaxy skin.

Bixby may have negative value for Samsung, says one analyst, as it is "hopelessly outclassed" even by Apple's Siri. It'll also allow more accurate writing and drawing on the phone's screen. Of course, the size of the display may depend on the size of the notch needed to run Face ID, and rumors are suggesting that Google's (GOOG) (GOOGL) Pixel 3 smartphone to be launched this fall will have a huge notch as well.

To function as a remote, the stylus must be charged, but that process takes less than 30 seconds and simply requires that you return the pen to the storage compartment inside the phone. The Copper color option might not be available to U.S. markets. He also says that the speaker is outfitted with a subwoofer, so its clear this is meant to be used for in-home listening just as much as its meant to be a smart speaker that can compete with the likes of Alexa.

There is heart rate monitoring and the Watch is water resistant. They aren't expected to really dive into that until their Samsung Developer Conference in November.

It did reveal the speaker has eight microphones that will delivery "far-field voice recognition" for its Bixby.

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