'Enrique? Hellooo?': Trump in awkward call with Mexican leader after trade agreement

'Enrique? Hellooo?': Trump in awkward call with Mexican leader after trade agreement

'Enrique? Hellooo?': Trump in awkward call with Mexican leader after trade agreement

Some experts interpreted the administration's signaling about a possible bilateral deal as an attempt to pressure Canada into a swift agreement on revising NAFTA, which the U.S. administration denied. But administration officials said Monday there's no reason Congress couldn't approve a two-way deal with Mexico, if necessary.

The three North American countries do about one trillion dollars in trade among themselves annually. It could also end up being little more than a public relations stunt by an administration desperate to secure a win after more than a year of failures on trade, according to analysts. "They want to negotiate very badly..."

Mexico agreed to ensure that 75 percent of automotive content will be produced within the trade bloc, up from a current 62.5 percent, to receive duty-free benefits. Canada and the US have been at odds over trade in recent months.

"There is still a great deal of uncertainty. trepidation, nervousness - a feeling that we are on the outside looking in", said Peter MacKay, a former Canadian minister of justice, defense and foreign affairs who is now a partner at the law firm Baker McKenzie. I think it's an elegant name.

Regardless of the roiling debate about USA trade law and negotiating tactics, Trump's imperiously dismissive tone about Canada today leaves little doubt the Washington-Ottawa relationship is badly frayed. Many manufacturers have built complex but vital supply chains that cross all three NAFTA borders.

"This is something very positive for the United States and Mexico", Pena Nieto replied, saying he is looking forward to toasting Trump with tequila to celebrate, expressing to his American counterpart that he is "really grateful and greatly recognize and acknowledge your political will in all of this". "So if they had to compromise on energy, so be it".

Mexican Foreign Minister Luis Videgaray told a news conference in Washington that if Canada and the United States do not reach an agreement on NAFTA, "we already know that there will still be a deal between Mexico and the United States".

Prof. Leblond said it would be political suicide for Trudeau's Liberal administration, with one year before a general election, to give in to USA demands for significantly greater access to Canada's protected dairy market.

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The editorial board pointed to the exclusion of Canada from the deal as one of its shortcomings. (The Administration said Monday that it believes that it has met its legal requirement).

The preliminary deal may encourage more manufacturing in the U.S. Yet it's far from final.

It's also not clear that Mexico has much interest in a bilateral trade deal with the United States that excludes Canada.

The president-elect's designated chief NAFTA negotiator, Jesus Seade, who took part in the latest round of talks with the United States said that Peña Nieto's negotiators and the United States agreed to change language in the draft about energy that had been "cut and paste" from the text of the Mexican energy reform, but still preserved the same ideas and was consistent with the energy reform.

Do you support the feds' view that no deal is better than a bad NAFTA deal?

"I think it's going to lead to more jobs for American workers and farmers but also more jobs for workers and farmers from Mexico". But Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has insisted his government will only sign a deal that's good for Canada.

Trilateral talks started a year ago at the behest of Mr. Trump, who railed against the original 1994 pact calling it a "ripoff" and a "disaster", but now seems eager to close a new deal before the us midterm elections in November. However, Freeland's staff preferred "encouraging" to describe what had transpired in Washington.

In fact, the announcement immediately ran into pushback in Mexico.

United States Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer, left, and Mexican Secretary of Economy Idelfonso Guajardo, right, walk into the White House on Monday August 27, 2018.

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