2003 e-mail reveals Kavanaugh questioned if Roe v. Wade is settled law

2003 e-mail reveals Kavanaugh questioned if Roe v. Wade is settled law

2003 e-mail reveals Kavanaugh questioned if Roe v. Wade is settled law

U.S. Sen. Elizabeth Warren's backing of protesters at Supreme Court nominee Brett M. Kavanaugh's confirmation hearings is drawing fire - including from her Republican rival who says it shows her lack of "decency". "The court specifically went through all the factors in stare decisis in considering whether to overrule it", Judge Kavanaugh said about the Casey decision.

But Klobuchar suggested his interpretation, which differed from the rest of his peers on the DC Circuit, who were appointed by both Democrats and Republicans, seemed to be a pattern with Kavanaugh, in which he used Supreme Court precedents selectively to arrive at a particular outcome.

After Cornyn read the Senate rules about the repercussions for disclosing confidential business of the Senate, which includes committees, which carries the punishment of expulsion from the chamber, Booker responded, "bring it". He said, "Running for president is no excuse for violating the rules of the Senate, or of confidentiality of the documents that we are privy to".

Senate Democrat Dick Durbin pressed Kavanaugh over his dissenting opinion in a 2017 case involving a pregnant undocumented immigrant.

"I just want to say to my colleagues, particularly my colleague from New Jersey, I completely agree with you".

"I don't live in a bubble, I live in the real world", said the judge, who sits on the US Court of Appeals in Washington. They fear Kavanaugh will push the court to the right on abortion, guns and other issues, and that he will side with Trump in cases stemming from Robert Mueller's investigation of Trump's 2016 campaign. Charles Grassley, R-Ill., and release the 141,000 pages of documents from Kavanaugh's record that are not permitted for public release or discussion without being cleared by committee staff.

"This is the first confirmation for a Supreme Court justice I've seen, basically, according to mob rule", Republican Senator John Cornyn said.

"I am not a skeptic of regulation at all", he said.

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They say they are "deeply concerned that citizens' rights are still far from being truly safeguarded". The British government says that the 2014 referendum on Scottish independence settled the question.

Outside the hearing room, Booker told reporters he doesn't actually expect Cornyn to pursue charges that he violated the rule but that he'll accept responsibility if he does.

Vermont's senior senator accused the judge of being aware of emails stolen from Leahy and other Democrats from 2001 to 2003 and having knowledge of the warrantless surveillance of United States citizens that went into effect in the aftermath of September 11, 2001.

Not all Democrats have said they will oppose Mr Kavanaugh, and several may even support his nomination.

When asked about the email Thursday, Kavanaugh said he recommended the edit to the op-ed because he didn't think the draft accurately reflect the view of all legal scholars. "It is time for the American people to meet Judge Kavanaugh for themselves - here he is in his own words".

"I have ruled sometimes for the prosecution and sometimes for criminal defendants, sometimes for workers and sometimes for businesses, sometimes for environmentalists and sometimes for coal miners". Harris said late on the second day of Kavanaugh's confirmation hearing.

Kavanaugh described himself as an "independent" federal judge whose decisions are founded on law and precedent - "not based on policy, not based on political pressure".

Kavanaugh's seating would cement a conservative majority on the Supreme Court, but it also would give Democrats a rallying cry ahead of the November midterm elections, in which they could seize majority control of the House and possibly the Senate.

Kavanaugh off his flow of so far providing steady and confident answers to senator's questions with a line of inquiry about allegations that emails were stolen from Leahy's office during the confirmation wars of the George W. Bush administration.

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