Everything That Happened This Week In The Trump-Russia Story

Everything That Happened This Week In The Trump-Russia Story

Everything That Happened This Week In The Trump-Russia Story

In a court filing last month, they described Papadopoulos as "ashamed and remorseful" but said he never derailed the Russian Federation investigation.

In response to Papadopoulos' claims, Sessions released a statement through his lawyer to CNN stating he "stands by his testimony".

Prosecutors asked for a sentence of as long as six months in jail, telling Moss that Papadopoulos failed to provide "substantial assistance" to investigators and disclosed what he did only after he was confronted with his own records.

A second trial of Manafort, on separate charges brought by Mueller, is set to start on September 17 in federal court in Washington.

Trump campaign aide George Papadopoulos, just handed a 14-day prison sentence for lying to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, detailed multiple run-ins with shady foreign operatives in a CNN interview.

"Caught off-guard by an impromptu interrogation, Mr Papadopoulos misled investigators to save his professional aspirations and preserve a perhaps misguided loyalty to his master".

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Papadopoulos has never publicly named those within the Trump campaign he told about the offer of emails from the professor, but he has said he was in regular touch with campaign chairman Paul Manafort, campaign manager Corey Lewandowski and other top campaign officials.

In subsequent campaign communications, Papadopoulos was encouraged to pursue a Putin-Trump meeting. Told the campaign's priority was to improve relations with Russian Federation, within weeks Papadopoulos made contact with a mysterious professor, Joseph Mifsud, who touted links to the Kremlin. "The Trump-Russia scandal has always been a politically motivated witch hunt and shakedown of the president and his team, past and present".

"14 days for $28 MILLION - $2 MILLION a day, No Collusion", the president tweeted. "4 days for $28 MILLION - $2 MILLION a day", he wrote on Twitter, an apparent, if inflated, estimation of the Russian Federation investigation's cost. But that appears to be incorrect because earlier this summer the Justice Department estimated that it has cost roughly $17 million. In a court filing August 31, Papadopoulos's lawyers painted him as a political newcomer "eager to show his value to the campaign", and quickly got in over his head.

But in a court filing last month, prosecutors said Papadopoulos ultimately did little to aid their work.

After Moss sentenced him, Papadopoulos could be seen in the courtroom embracing his wife, whispering into her ear, as reporters and members of the public slowly filed out. They also said he stumbled through his Federal Bureau of Investigation interview because he was trying to keep alive his shot at a job in the Trump administration. "I think about it still". "I still have significant questions about how high that information went, and I know the Senate Intelligence Committee would like to hear directly from Mr. Papadopoulos". Van der Zwaan, the Dutch son-in-law of one of Russia's richest men, was sentenced on April 3 to 30 days in prison and fined $20,000. He gave false statements about his contacts to the FBI, which the FBI said impeded their investigation into the extent that Russian meddling may have worked its way into the campaign.

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