International Criminal Court threatened with USA sanctions

International Criminal Court threatened with USA sanctions

International Criminal Court threatened with USA sanctions

In a Monday speech at the Federalist Society, National Security Advisor, John Bolton criticized the International Criminal Court (ICC) and threatened sanctions against the legal body, calling it "illegitimate".

Bolton's speech comes after the ICC in November 2017 the ICC prosecutor asked to investigate crimes allegedly committed by members of the US military who served in Afghanistan. "And, today, reflecting Congressional concerns with Palestinian attempts to prompt an ICC investigation of Israel, the State Department will announce the closure of the Palestine Liberation Organization office here in Washington, D.C".

Based in the Hague, Netherlands, the court was created in 2002 with the goal of prosecuting perpetrators of war crimes, crimes against humanity and genocide.

More than 120 countries are members, but superpowers - including the US, Russia and China - have not signed up.

Bolton then issued a very clear threat: If the global court continues to pursue the probe, Washington will ban ICC judges from entering the country, prosecute them and sanction their funding.

"This risky escalation shows that the willing to disband the worldwide system in order to protect Israeli crimes and attacks against the land and people of Palestine as well as against peace and security in the rest of our region", Erekat said.

It said the decision was also in line with USA law, a reflection of congressional concerns and consistent with United States policy to oppose and punish Palestinian attempts to bring Israel before the ICC.

Human-rights groups like Amnesty International blasted the USA national security adviser's remarks on Monday.

During a speech in Washington, Bolton blamed the Palestinian Authority for failing to take "meaningful steps" to advance peace.

"We will not cooperate with the ICC".

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French Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Agnes von der Muhll said in a statement on Tuesday that the country will continue to cooperate and support the ICC financially along with the other European nations.

Palestinian leaders confirmed they'd been informed by the Trump administration that it plans to shut the Palestinian mission in Washington, condemning the move as proof the disbanding worldwide efforts toward a peace deal with Israel.

In March, the European Court of Human Rights ruled that Romania and Lithuania violated the rights of two al-Qaeda terror suspects by allowing the torture them at secret Central Intelligence Agency detention facilities. "We will not join the ICC", he added.

According to Al Jazeera, he also claimed the move would let Israel continue 'their policies against the Palestinian people and land'.

The Trump administration notified the Palestinians last November it would shutter their Washington office unless they entered serious peace talks with Israel.

"Such a reckless act confirms that the administration is blindly executing Israel's 'wish list, ' which starts with shutting down Palestinian diplomatic representation in the United States", he said in a statement.

Earlier this month, the USA halted funding of the United Nations agency that supports Palestinian refugees.

The US is expected to take an aggressive stance towards the International Criminal Court (ICC). Israel, like the USA, is not a signatory to the ICC and said the body lacked jurisdiction.

"If the court comes after us, Israel or other United States allies, we will not sit quietly", Bolton said.

Trump has promised to pursue the "ultimate deal" between the Palestinians and Israel.

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