Superb dwelling photos reward 'nightmare' Storm Florence swirling over the Atlantic

Superb dwelling photos reward 'nightmare' Storm Florence swirling over the Atlantic

Superb dwelling photos reward 'nightmare' Storm Florence swirling over the Atlantic

HURRICANE Florence bears down on the United States east coast, Nasa's satellites are monitoring its strength and speed, as well as recording some incredible images of the massive storm.

Astronauts aboard the International Space Station say Hurricane Florence is so massive, they had to use a super wide-angle lens to capture photographs of the storm from space.

The hurricane will pose a pretty serious threat to the East Coast and is expected to produce winds of around 140 miles per hour as it makes landfall.

Since reliable record-keeping began more than 150 years ago, North Carolina has only been hit by one Category 4 hurricane: Hazel, with 210 km/h winds in 1954.

Alexander Gerst, a German astronaut orbiting Earth from 250 miles (402 kilometres) up, has a warning for humans on the planet below him.

Meteorologists from the National Hurricane Center are expecting the storm to intensify even further before making landfall along the North Carolina coast.

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Here are some of the best images of Hurricane Florence by Gerst and Ricky Arnold, a fellow NASA astronaut living aboard the ISS.

The National Hurricane Center is advising people in the hurricane's path to prepare for potentially life-threatening storm surges, freshwater flooding and damaging winds as Florence impacts the USA this week.

1000's and thousands of americans in the path of Storm Florence are frantically preparing for a monster storm that is anticipated to glean landfall sometime early Saturday morning.

NASA called the view - captured by cameras on the International Space Station - "stark and sobering".

This enhanced satellite image made available by NOAA shows Tropical Storm Florence, center, in the Atlantic Ocean on Saturday, Sept. 8, 2018 at 2:45 p.m. EDT.

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