Fans Pumped for Maroon 5 Super Bowl LIII Halftime Show

Fans Pumped for Maroon 5 Super Bowl LIII Halftime Show

Fans Pumped for Maroon 5 Super Bowl LIII Halftime Show

Instead, the National Football League has gravitated toward more pop music-centric artists for its most recent Super Bowls, with the likes of Justin Timberlake, Lady Gaga, Coldplay, Katy Perry, Bruno Mars, and Beyoncé having all taken the stage in recent years.

The band's touring schedule also has quite a convenient gap that would allow the group to perform at the Super Bowl. Their current Red Pill Blues Tour features a unique stage layout that includes two massive catwalks, turning each concert into an almost 360-degree experience because the band can move across nearly the entire arena floor.

The criticism about them not being local is valid.

Maroon 5 jokingly responded after the mix-up, tweeting at Henson, "Thanks for loving our performance from our seats at #SB50". And the Super Bowl halftime show is designed for collaborating.

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Also, seriously, who listens to Maroon 5 voluntarily? And when they do, there's going to be some fun collaborations.

Considering Atlanta's rich music history, many people were baffled by the selection of Maroon 5.

Levine has long expressed his desire to check off the career milestone, telling Howard Stern back in 2015 that the band was on a "short list" of potential performers. He'll make sure everyone is prepared on game day! They don't have any dates between New Year's Eve and February 19, leaving room for a Super Bowl show.

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