Fortnite Season 6 (v6.0) Map Updates - Floating Island, Corn Fields, and more

Fortnite Season 6 (v6.0) Map Updates - Floating Island, Corn Fields, and more

Fortnite Season 6 (v6.0) Map Updates - Floating Island, Corn Fields, and more

For the incredibly popular Battle Royale side of Fortnite, season 6 has once again altered the map slightly.

A new enemy approaches from the Storm and they've come prepared.

First of all, the development team has to take down the Fortnite servers so that they can perform scheduled maintenance. However, it wouldn't be surprising if Epic Games decides to use it for another in-game event later in the season.

Why it matters: Just when you think you've got the ideal Fortnite Battle Royale strategy figured out, Epic drops a new update that radically alters how the game is played. So, without further ado, let's dive into the Fortnite Season 6 wiki.

Keep an eye on our Fortnite Season 6 hub page as we update the page with the latest changes. Cancel your plans for the weekend because there's literally nothing you could do that's more exciting. When you drop at Paradise, leave the town and head towards the small house by the cliff.

As is always the case after the a major Fortnite update, data miners have been hard at work finding things in the V6.0 patch files.

And that could prove very handy for fans who want to know everything about what is going on today.

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Other changes include the areas in which the cube created gravity fields and runes.

Of course, with a new season comes a new battle pass.

Players are reporting signs of Fortnite crashing on Xbox, with the game freezing and preventing them from playing.

There's also a problem with blocked crosshairs when wearing certain outfits.

More contrast between above/below steps.

More high-frequency audio content to improve your ability to pinpoint the location of steps and to prevent them from getting drowned out during intense combat.

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