Indonesia gets swift offers of aid from global community

Indonesia gets swift offers of aid from global community

Indonesia gets swift offers of aid from global community

Central Sulawesi was hit by a magnitude-6.1 natural disaster last Friday afternoon, before a stronger magnitude-7.4 temblor struck, triggering a 7m-high tsunami, which caused widespread devastation across the province, flattening villages, housing estates and other built-up areas.

Drone footage shows much of a city on the Indonesian island of Sulawesi is flattened.

Major aid group Aksi Cepat Tanggap said at least 1,203 bodies had been recovered, but disaster agency spokesman Sutopo Nugroho cautioned that the estimate was not official.

Australia, Thailand, China and the United States have offered help while the European Union announced $2.2 million Cdn in immediate aid.

The quake measured 7.5 on the Richter scale while the subsequent tsunami is reported to have generated waves as high as 20 feet, according to news wire The Associated Press.

Scores of residents shouted: "We're hungry, we need food", as soldiers distributed rations from a truck in one neighbourhood, while elsewhere television showed pictures of people making off with clothes and other items from a wrecked mall.

The Indonesian government on Monday appealed for global aid to deal with the aftermath of the disaster.

As of Sunday, there were no reports of US citizens affected by the quake, the US Embassy in Jakarta told CNN.

Aid groups say that more than 1.5 million people have been affected by the disaster, with one-third having lost family members, houses or livelihoods, according to global agencies helping in the response.

The country's vice president said the death toll is expected to rise into the thousands as rescue operations continue.

Indonesian President Joko "Jokowi" Widodo authorized for the country to accept worldwide help for the disaster, Thomas Lembong, chair of Indonesia's Investment Coordinating Board, tweeted Monday morning.

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Indonesia, home to 260 million people, is one of the world's most disaster-prone nations. The main airport at Palu was damaged, landslides had cut off key roads while "power is out nearly everywhere", she added.

"We'll bury them as soon as possible".

A mass burial has begun for hundreds of bodies in an effort to halt the potential spread of disease. Many people were trapped and buried under collapsed houses.

"When the wave came, I lost her", he said.

Desperate survivors flocked to the airport Monday hoping to escape the hell that their town has become.

"We suspect there are still some survivors trapped inside", the head of on rescue team, Agus Haryono, told Reuters at the collapsed seven-floor Hotel Roa Roa.

Two survivors have been plucked from the 80-room Hotel Roa-Roa, Indonesia's search and rescue agency said, and there could still be more alive.

On Dec. 26, 2004, a massive tsunami tore through Indonesian coastal regions, claiming the lives of some 120,000 people.

The quakes come weeks after a trio of earthquakes hit several islands in the South Pacific and Indonesia, including Lombok, which is still recovering from the effects of an August 5 natural disaster that killed more than 430 people.

But undeterred, more and more mopeds arrived, depositing people in front of the store.

The European Union said on Sunday that it has released €1.5 million ($1.7 million) in emergency aid for victims of the natural disaster, while the South Korean Embassy in Jakarta said the country would send aid worth $1 million to the affected areas.

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