Bernie Sanders Congratulates Jeff Bezos For Taking His Advice

Bernie Sanders Congratulates Jeff Bezos For Taking His Advice

Bernie Sanders Congratulates Jeff Bezos For Taking His Advice

United States department store chain Target announced in September it would raise wages to $15 an hour by 2020.

The move will affect all Amazon's workers - including seasonal and temporary staff employed via agencies.

"We listened to our critics, thought hard about what we wanted to do, and decided we want to lead", said Amazon CEO and founder Jeff Bezos in a statement.

Beyond the US, Amazon announced it will pay 10.50 pounds an hour in London and 9.50 pounds in other parts of the UK.

It's a serious shift away from the strained relationship between the two, as Sanders has previously bashed Amazon for its working conditions, the company claiming his portrayal of its treatment of employees was "inaccurate and misleading". It also adds to momentum for wages, which have been stagnant for 20 years.

"With many municipalities raising minimum wage over the next few years to approaching $US15 per hour, this was not really a stretch for them to do that".

Workers across the country have pushed for a $15 minimum wage.

A higher federal minimum wage could intensify pressures on smaller businesses that don't have the financial resources that Amazon has to raise pay significantly.

The current federal minimum wage is $7.25 an hour.

Democratic Senator Bernie Sanders has been vocal about low wages paid at USA corporations and has proposed legislation, nicknamed the "Bezos Bill", aimed at making large corporations pay workers more.

Amazon is boosting its minimum wage for all USA workers to $15 per hour starting next month and said it will push for an increase in the federally mandated minimum wage, which now stands at $7.25 per hour.

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The wage increase takes effect next month.

Amazon also said it was ending some restricted stock unit grants as it raised wages for hourly warehouse and customer service employees.

Fortunately, Amazon is also promising these employees a pay raise to show that they are still valued.

"This is about ensuring we retain, hire, and develop the best talent in the world", he said.

Labor advocates pushing to raise the federal minimum wage have an unexpected new ally: the richest man in world.

Amazon's average wages at its fulfillment centres is US$13 an hour.

"To draw workers away from where they now work, you have to offer them a better deal", said Sylvia Allegretto, an economist and co-chair at the Center on Wage and Employment Dynamics at the University of California at Berkeley.

The movecomes as Amazon was under fire for an median employee salary of $28,446.

Senator Bernie Sanders Tuesday praised Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos for boosting the minimum wage for Amazon and Whole Foods workers to $15 an hour.

"If you work for Amazon full time and you still can't make ends meet, that's a problem", said Democrat Representative Ro Khanna, lead House sponsor of the bill.

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