McConnell takes key step toward vote on Kavanaugh nomination

McConnell takes key step toward vote on Kavanaugh nomination

McConnell takes key step toward vote on Kavanaugh nomination

At the same time, Republican leaders seemed to show increasing confidence.

However, in a potential sign of momentum for Kavanaugh, Sen.

Collins is one of a handful of key "undecided" senators Republicans need to push Kavanaugh's confirmation through.

Who else didn't talk with investigators?

Two GOP votes against Kavanaugh's confirmation sink it if every Democrat votes no. Mazie Hirono, D-Hawaii, deflected, saying, "This is not a comprehensive FBI investigation on which we can draw conclusions". "But we likely never will know, given that your agents were barred from investigating", Pittard said.

The two other Republican female senators say victims should be heard, but they want Kavanaugh confirmed.

Top Democrats fired back after getting their own briefing.

However senior Democrats attacked the process, calling the investigation "incomplete" and accusing the White House of limiting its scope.

Thousands of protesters have descended on Capitol Hill in Washington to fight the nomination of Brett Kavanaugh to the US Supreme Court, the evening before the Senate was due to hold a procedural vote on his nomination, ahead of a final vote on Saturday.

"There is significant evidence that there are other relevant witnesses that have not been contacted, not been interviewed". One senator said it was about 50 pages long.

Sen. John Kennedy, R-La.

Grassley was being asked if Republicans planned to make a criminal referral about the attorneys for Christine Blasey Ford based on what many saw as inappropriate behavior.

"No matter where they went, chants of "Say it loud, say it clear, Kavanaugh's not welcome here!' and 'Whose court?" He provided no specifics.

The supercharged atmosphere prompted Senate Majority Leader, Mitch McConnell, to decry the harassment of senators during a speech on the Senate floor on Wednesday.

Democrats question Kavanaugh's credibility and temperament
The White House pushed back Monday by issuing statements from two other college friends of Kavanaugh, who contradicted Ludington. Richard Blumenthal of CT , who sits on the Judiciary Committee. "I don't like what the president said last night", he said.

"This investigation found no hint of misconduct".

The top Senate Judiciary Democrat, Dianne Feinstein, said the report appeared insufficient to lay to rest concerns about Kavanaugh. "From his record against women's health and autonomy to his record against workplace protections to the sexual assault allegations against him to the anger he displayed to female USA senators".

"I was very emotional last Thursday, more so than I have ever been", Kavanaugh wrote in the Journal.

Trump did so - and on Thursday, the Senate began reviewing the FBI's results after receiving the report early that morning.

"The harsh and unfair treatment of Judge Brett Kavanaugh is having an incredible upward impact on voters", Trump added.

"This great life can not be ruined by mean and despicable Democrats and totally uncorroborated allegations!"

"Sometimes people are accused of something they didn't do", Graham said.

Some protesters, many dressed in black, crowded into the Hart Senate Office Building after rallying in front of the Supreme Court on a sunny, warm autumn day.

The FBI's report on its Brett Kavanaugh investigation is the hottest document in Washington, but there's only a single copy for 100 senators to share.

With Republicans clinging to a razor-thin 51-49 Senate majority and five senators - including three Republicans - still publicly undeclared, the conservative jurist's prospects of Senate confirmation could hinge largely on the file's contents.

Ms Ford alleges Mr Kavanaugh drunkenly attempted to rape her while his friend, Mark Judge, stood by and watched during a 1982 gathering.

Kavanaugh is a Roman Catholic who has said religion is an important part of his life.

She also said lawyers for Deborah Ramirez, who has alleged Mr Kavanaugh exposed himself to her when both were at Yale, had no indication the Federal Bureau of Investigation had reached out to people she had offered for corroboration.

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