India, Russia revisiting the rupee-ruble arrangement

India, Russia revisiting the rupee-ruble arrangement

India, Russia revisiting the rupee-ruble arrangement

The S-400 surface-to-air missile system is capable of tracking and taking down aircraft hundreds of miles away, and India believes it needs it to defend the country against not only China but also Pakistan.

In a guarded reaction, the US Friday said its intent to slap sanctions against Russian Federation was not aimed at imposing damage to the military capabilities of its "allies or partners", shortly after India concluded a deal for purchase of S-400 missile defence system from Russian Federation.

Putin added that Russian Federation will contribute to the implementation of "Make in India" initiative.

Significantly, the agreement for the estimated USA $5.43 billion (₹40,300 Crores) S-400 system was not referred to by either leader in their press statements.

Other agreements - announced following a meeting between Putin and Prime Minister Narendra Modi that began with a hug - were in railways, fertilisers and space, with Russian Federation set to train astronauts for India's first crewed space mission in 2022. It is among the largest defence deals India has ever made.

A waiver from the US President Donald Trump is essential.

Russian Federation has been pushing for this mode of payment for a while but India has been reluctant given the depreciation in Ruble in the past years. U.S. defence contactors such as Lockheed Martin, Boeing and Sirkorsky who supply critical equipment to India the C-17, C-130 J transport aircraft, Apache and Chinook helicopters, will come under sanctions in the absence of a waiver.

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India has requested a waiver from USA sanctions meant to punish Russian Federation for its annexation of Crimea and alleged interference in the 2016 U.S. elections.

Addressing a joint press meet with Russian President Vladimir Putin, PM Modi said, today was a new chapter in India-Russia ties.

Putin also said the two countries have agreed to step up cooperation in combating the menaces of terrorism and drug trafficking.

Under new United States laws, countries that sign deals with Russian defence or intelligence sectors can face secondary sanctions.

The US is in a hard position as it seeks to contain China through better ties with India, which like Washington has been unnerved by Beijing's growing assertiveness. Faced with public discontent, President Vladimir Putin proposed several measures - that were adopted by the State Duma - to soften the pension reform, including lowering the pension age hike for women to 60.

Experts fear India is flexing its military muscles as Mr Modi stands up to China's People Liberation Army and Beijing's influence around the Indian Ocean.

Eight agreements signed by the two countries include pacts for Moscow to build six nuclear power plants in India and cooperate with the Indian space agency in sending a manned mission to space.

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