CAIR Decries Senate's Kavanaugh Confirmation, Says Judge Lacks 'Veracity and Judicial Temperament'

CAIR Decries Senate's Kavanaugh Confirmation, Says Judge Lacks 'Veracity and Judicial Temperament'

CAIR Decries Senate's Kavanaugh Confirmation, Says Judge Lacks 'Veracity and Judicial Temperament'

In a vote on an issue that not only divided Democrats and Republicans but the entire U.S., the US Senate confirmed Brett Kavanaugh as a Supreme Court judge.

Vice President Mike Pence, who was presiding, repeatedly called for the Senate sergeant-at-arms to restore order in the chamber.

Ahead of the vote, hundreds of people protesting against Mr Kavanaugh's nomination demonstrated at the US Capitol in Washington.

Yet Kavanaugh's path to confirmation seemed unfettered until Ford and two other women emerged with sexual misconduct allegations from the 1980s.

Still, it was a close-run thing: Kavanaugh's nomination was almost derailed by Christine Blasey Ford's allegations that the judge assaulted her when they were teenagers in the 1980s, which sparked uproar and forced Republicans to delay the confirmation vote for a week to allow time for a supplemental Federal Bureau of Investigation background check.

Deborah Ramirez, who has accused Kavanaugh of thrusting his penis in her face at a party when they were both students at Yale, said watching senators back the embattled judge made her feel like she was back at university.

Republicans argued that a supplemental FBI investigation instigated by wavering GOP senators and ordered by the White House turned up no corroborating witnesses to the claims and that Kavanaugh had sterling credentials for the court.

Joe Manchin of West Virginia is the only Democrat expected to vote for Kavanaugh's confirmation. Sen.

The protest comes as Kavanaugh is preparing to be sworn in by Chief Justice John Roberts and retired Justice Anthony Kennedy.

"The President nominated a jurist who has been described by legal peers of all political stripes as a superstar", McConnell said, later adding that "Judge Brett Kavanaugh is among the very best our nation has to offer". Lisa Murkowski of Alaska, who told reporters that while she believes Kavanaugh is "a good man", she also felt the confirmation process had become about something "bigger than a nominee".

He accuses Democrats of doing "everything in their power" to make Kavanaugh's nomination about something other than his judicial record and qualifications.

Donald Trump insults reporter saying she’s ‘not thinking’, White House edits transcipt
The reporter, surprised by the president's response, then said, "I'm sorry?" Trump went on to discuss how he had avoided alcohol. When Collins protested, Trump wagged a finger and said, "Don't do that".

Matt Brooks, director of the same organization, said the contentious vote underlined the importance of upcoming midterm elections, which could see the Senate gain a Democratic majority.

Weeks of negotiations, accusations, emotional speeches, high drama and partisan anger that divided the country into identity camps ended today with Brett Kavanaugh's confirmation as an Associate Justice to the US Supreme Court.

Because senators confirmed Kavanaugh to the court, she hoped the public would take action in future elections.

Pointing to television footage of protesters outside the Capitol, he said their numbers paled in comparison to the thousands of supporters awaiting him in Kansas.

Trump also said women, far from being outraged at Kavanaugh, "were outraged at what happened to Brett Kavanaugh, outraged". "I would say if we're talking about the Supreme Court and Judge Kavanaugh, I think he's highly qualified for the Supreme Court", Mrs. Trump said while speaking to reporters in Egypt during a solo worldwide trip to Africa. That balanced out the absence without affecting the outcome, and gave Kavanaugh the same two-vote margin he'd have received had both lawmakers voted.

Kavanaugh was quickly sworn in at the court building, across the street from the US Capitol, later on Saturday. Chants of "shame" could be heard throughout the vote.

'I had one beer that's the only thing I remember!' Trump said as the crowd cheered.

Sen. Steve Daines (R-MT) was in his home state during the final vote, walking his daughter down the aisle at her wedding.

While Republicans rallied behind the judge, Democrats said Kavanaugh's elevation to the Supreme Court was a mistake.

The office of Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley went on the offensive by releasing statements this week meant to discredit Ford.

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