Sen. Cruz Says He Will Serve Full Term if Re-Elected in Texas

Sen. Cruz Says He Will Serve Full Term if Re-Elected in Texas

Sen. Cruz Says He Will Serve Full Term if Re-Elected in Texas

While campaigning for Sen.

Cruz who, during the 2016 presidential race, decried Trump's "New York values".

The president described globalists as people who want the world to do well even though they supposedly don't care about America. I am a nationalist.

The president reminded the audience that he pulled the US out of the Paris Climate Accord.

The total number of migrants now headed to the USA border is estimated to be about 7,200, the United Nations said Monday. "You can't go anywhere without getting noticed", Faris said.

Congress is on break until after the election, "legislation enacting such a cut has not been planned on Capitol Hill, and congressional Republicans were privately skeptical that a vote could happen during the post-election lame duck session", the Post reports. "You know, they have a word. Voter ID, folks, voter ID".

"The Democrats have launched an assault on the sovereignty of our country, the security of our nation, and the safety of every single American", the president said.

After Texas, Trump will rally supporters in Wisconsin and North Carolina and then round out the week in IL.

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"Trump also attacked O'Rourke, dubbing him a "stone-cold phony".

"He pretends to be a moderate".

"O'Rourke pretends to be a moderate, but he is actually a radical, open borders left winger", Trump said.

Trump escalated that message Monday on Twitter, saying the USA would begin "cutting off, or substantially reducing" aid to three Central American nations over a migrant caravan heading to the US southern border. "He's not", Trump said, adding that O'Rourke "got beaten badly" in his debates against Cruz.

Speaking before Trump took the stage, Cruz made clear that their conflict was behind them and that the two were working together. "People are seeing how pathetic our laws are". "We can't let that happen to our country".

The president also claimed that "50,000 people" were watching his remarks outside the arena on screens put out by the campaign - a figure far higher than statistics from Houston Police Chief Art Acevedo, who tweeted that about 18,000 to 19,000 people were inside the at-capacity Toyota Center, and about 3,000 were watching outside.

The line was long and it formed early Monday, hours ahead of the president's trip to Houston to stump for Republican Sen. Of course there will still be one, but in this new, kinder, gentler era, maybe everyone can baselessly believe Ted Cruz's gorgeous dad just had a Marilyn Monroe-style affair with JFK?

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