How To Livestream This Week's Apple Event

How To Livestream This Week's Apple Event

How To Livestream This Week's Apple Event

Apple's event will take place at an opera house in Brooklyn, and invitations were accompanied by creative renditions of the Apple logo, suggesting that the new products will be tied to the theme of art and content creation, whether that means app development or illustration.

Indeed, we would think this is the tipping point for the Air, either forward or into the grave.

The event starts at 10am on the East Coast of the United States, in Brooklyn - that's 7am if you're in the West Coast (so you might have to get up early), or 2pm if you're in the UK (so you might have to miss work). AirPower, which has seen numerous delays (as recently as last month), was removed nearly entirely from Apple's website. An interesting aspect of this icon is how large the bezels look when compared to the recent iPhones.

There are rumors of Apple relocating the Smart Connector as well on its new iPad Pro lineup, with their being another mysterious port on the device whose goal is unclear as of now.

The iMacs would likely boast a screen update of some kind (maybe standardizing on 4K or 5K, or incorporating HDR; the screens are already up there in pixel count), as well as an internals boost-I wouldn't expect anything major. Just this week, Kuo published an analyst note wherein the iPad Mini line is still alive.

Apple has not refreshed its Mac mini lineup in nearly four years now.

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The icon seen above shows an iPad with thinner bezels and rounded corners, without a Home button.

A new entry-level laptop to replace the ageing MacBook Air - the company's entry-level laptop that Steve Jobs originally pulled out of a manila envelope a decade ago.

So, what would we expect these computers to be?

The new MacBook Air is expected to feature a Retina Display, USB-C and Intel's 8th-generation processor. A new iMac is also long overdue, since the current models are no longer available for purchase officially.

With that in mind, look for components that are upgraded but definitely not top of the range.

One of the clues to a new iMac is a filing with the European regulatory agency that backs up some of the other rumours we've mentioned here. So, customers who have been awaiting an updated MacBook at a much lower price than Air will get a new option. Any upgrade should include 8th-generation Intel processors. The iPhone X's and iPhone XS' Face ID authentication functionality will likely make its way to the 2018 iPad Pro, and as a result, the tablet is also rumoured to ditch Touch ID.

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