New Overwatch Cinematic Reveals Two New Heroes

New Overwatch Cinematic Reveals Two New Heroes

New Overwatch Cinematic Reveals Two New Heroes

Promotional film to introduce a new game character, Ashe, for Blizzard Entertainment's Overwatch. While the Deadlock Gang was bested, Ashe got to show off her abilities in both the cinematic and the gameplay trailer accompanying the video. When sitting down in an interview with the Overwatch creative team, we talked a lot about B.O.B but what you may not know is that his character was fought for, and thus he went from joke to star.

Blizzard has announced that its newest hero being added to Overwatch is Ashe, who was heavily featured during the McCree animated short highlighted at BlizzCon 2018.

The Overwatch Twitter tweeted the short alongside the message: "An explosive train robbery gives McCree the chance to settle some unfinished business with a few former associates".

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"And Ashe is not alone, as she can call on her omnic ally B.O.B., to join the fray when the need arises".

In addition to the levitating Snowball and the Genji Sword, Overwatch's heroes and environments have been adapted into LEGO form. In addition to her main firearm, Ashe also has access to a stick of dynamite and a small shotgun that can cause massive pushback to both herself and her enemies.

The Viper: Ashe's semi-automatic rifle fires quick shots, or she can use her aim-down sights for a more damaging, precise shot. It deals fire damage that hurts enemies over time. Let's hope that Bob, Ashe's robo sidekick summoned by her ultimate, gets to play dress-up for real.

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