Google announces ‘Foldables’ device category in Android

Google announces ‘Foldables’ device category in Android

Google announces ‘Foldables’ device category in Android

Samsung's One UI will roll out with the Android Pie update, but the firm will let users try a beta version of it for the Galaxy S9, S9 Plus, and the Note 9 before it rolls out in January. The most interesting part of this new effort is the fact that Samsung is keeping "relevant content" on the bottom half of the display, which should make all of that easier to reach and access.

In an indication of how hard it is to make a flexible screen that's also durable, Samsung first announced its plans to build a folding-screen phone five years ago.

Samsung Galaxy S10 will use Samsung's self-developed world's first 7nm EUV dual-core NPU chip on Exynos 9820.

The device is the size of a tablet computer and features a large 7.3-inch screen, but can fold in on itself, shutting like a book.

The announcement was made by VP of Engineering for Android, Dave Burke at the 2018 Android Dev Summit.

The smartphone also works with Samsung's revamped smartphone user interface, dubbed One UI, that was created to work with the device's multiple screens.

The phone folds into a traditionally-sized smartphone, and unfolds into a tablet. But at the same time, what Samsung showed today makes the idea of flexible phones a lot more tolerable than anything we've seen before.

Samsung's conference is set for Wednesday.

And that sure would behoove Samsung, which has incessantly mocked other companies for shipping phones with display notches.

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Samsung says the 7.3-inch "Infinity Flex Display" can be folded "hundreds of thousands of times" thanks to the display's thinness and flexibility.

Except for a fleeting look at a device he held in a hand, Denison provided scant information about the phone.

Samsung says it'll soon be mass producing its foldable phone.

Last year, ZTE Corp. announced a foldable phone that flopped with reviewers.

There's also a number of other design changes that seem to be in effect, such as a greater emphasis on rounded elements and a new system-wide dark mode for a better viewing experience in darker environments or late at night, as well as a number of redesigned icons in general.

Samsung has unveiled a folding handset at an event in San Francisco.

Google revealed new Android support for "foldables" before Samsung had the chance to debut its own folding phone.

Glenn Murphy, a Google Android and Chrome executive, took the stage to announce the search giant's support of Samsung's foldable smartphones.

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