MI voters legalize recreational marijuana use

MI voters legalize recreational marijuana use

MI voters legalize recreational marijuana use

Voters in four states are casting ballots on measures to legalize marijuana Tuesday, further testing the Trump administration's stance on the subject following the federal government's reversal of Obama-era law enforcement policies.

In the United States, Oklahoma voters overwhelmingly approved medical marijuana in late June, while Vermont legalized recreational use shortly after on July 1. Missouri became the 31st state to approve the medical use of marijuana.

Tuesday's 2018 midterm elections was a big success for cannabis advocates. The majority voted in favor of legalization either medicinal or adult-use of marijuana, which signals state officials that they should proceed with the necessary reforms.

While there is still considerable room for liberalizing marijuana policy by initiative, the focus increasingly will shift to legislatures in states such as New Jersey, New Hampshire, and New Mexico.

MI residents over 21 years old will soon be able to buy, possess, use, and grow marijuana.

MI voters approved Proposal 1 Tuesday, which legalizes adult recreational marijuana use in the state, but sales may not begin until 2020.

MI is going to have the first legal recreational marijuana in the Midwest. It may take another year for the state issues licenses for businesses to sell marijuana.

Last month, Canada became the second country to legalize marijuana for recreational use, putting a top in shares.

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The Justice Department did not immediately return a message seeking comment.

With Michigan voting to legalize adult use, neighbors like OH and IL could soon follow suit to help build a market in that region, according to Ken Shea, an analyst at Bloomberg Intelligence.

MI voters approved a measure permitting people over 21 years old to smoke pot.

Many opposed to the measure argued that the proposal was too unstructured as it would have allowed for people to grow and possess as much cannabis as they want.

"Encouragingly, support for cannabis achieved bipartisan support a year ago and Republican support was up 2 percentage points in 2018 to 53 percent", Azer told CNBC last week. Both states passed amendments that legalize marijuana for people with qualifying illnesses, bringing the total count in the United States to 30 states.

In Ohio, five cities voted to decriminalize marijuana.

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