Protesters call for protection of Russian Federation probe after Sessions resigns

Protesters call for protection of Russian Federation probe after Sessions resigns

Protesters call for protection of Russian Federation probe after Sessions resigns

Rather than a show of support for Sessions, the protests are backing special counsel Robert Mueller and his investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 elections.

He said that in the Old Dominion, Democrats and some Republicans agreed that Trump appears "untethered" - appearing to allude to why Sen. "It's not ok for someone to break the law and be above the law".

What's more, as a CNN contributor and at other times, he has trashed the Mueller investigation that he will now be overseeing. It's clear to me it's not working, was not working between Attorney General Sessions and President Trump. Republicans preserved their hold on the Senate and increased their majority slightly, making it likelier that Trump will be able to confirm a replacement.

The president's decision to replace Sessions with an even more devoted loyalist, Matthew Whitaker, in an acting capacity has drawn outrage from critics, including senior Democrats, who won control of the House of Representatives in Tuesday's midterms.

And so, when Robert Mueller, the special counsel, was later appointed to lead the Russian Federation probe, oversight of that investigation fell to Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein.

Trump blamed Sessions for recusing himself from overseeing the investigation in its early stages, leading to the appointment of a special counsel.

"If he doesn't, then Mueller's investigation will eventually start to look like a political fishing expedition". He called Trump's recent actions "a rerun of the 'Saturday Night Massacre, ' " a reference to the October 20, 1973 resignations of the attorney general and deputy attorney general after each refused an order by President Richard Nixon to fire Watergate special prosecutor Archibald Cox.

He warned that there would be consequences if Mr Trump is determined to have fired Mr Sessions in order to subvert the rule of law and obstruct justice.

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The ongoing investigation has produced guilty pleas from four former Trump aides. "The president could and has in our nation's history said stop investigating this person or please investigate this other person".

The New York senator said he found the timing of Sessions's departure "very suspect".

The half-hour protest was part of a nationwide campaign called "Protect Mueller" organized by public interest and activists groups across the country on Thursday.

Whitaker is a former US attorney from Iowa who founded a law firm with other Republican Party activists.

Trump had enjoyed Whitaker's cable TV appearances - including one on CNN in which he suggested that the Mueller probe be starved of resources - and the two men soon struck a bond.

"Sometimes the voters need to do more than vote", she said.

"You would always take that meeting". Whitaker has publicly outlined strategies to stifle the investigation and can not be allowed to remain in charge of it. Whitaker accompanied the tweet with his own comment to his followers: "Worth a Read".

Nadler says he wants to know why Trump is making the change and "who has authority over Special Counsel Mueller's investigation?"

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