Rick Scott files lawsuit against Broward, Palm Beach election offices

Rick Scott files lawsuit against Broward, Palm Beach election offices

Rick Scott files lawsuit against Broward, Palm Beach election offices

The Florida Division of Elections shows Ron DeSantis now leading Andrew Gillum, 49.62 percent to 49.15 percent.

Rick Scott, the Republican candidate for Senate who now leads Democratic opponent Sen. The race remains too close to call, with Nelson narrowly trailing Scott. In other counties the section for Scott and Nelson was presented more prominently at the top of the ballot.

The divide between Scott and Nelson is now within the.25 percent margin needed to ensure the race would first go to a machine recount and then, if the margin holds, a hand recount. To see more, visit WLRN 91.3 FM.

And like 2000, the counting process is becoming contentious.

In a press conference at the governor's mansion Scott said he had filed two lawsuits against election supervisors in the traditionally Democratic-leaning Broward county and Palm Beach. As Daniel Sweeney of the South Florida Sun-Sentinel noted, however, unofficial returns are required to be submitted by noon of the fourth day after the election, which would be on Saturday.

Floridians have until 5 p.m. today to make sure any "provisional vote" they might have signed (due to mismatching signatures or IDs) is counted.

Nelson's campaign said Scott's impromptu investigation was "politically motivated".

Rick Scott had served as governor of Florida since 2011.

Scott suggested the activists in Florida's liberal counties aim for the election to "turn out the way they want", regardless of the actual votes or a fair process. "During her tenure in this position, she has held several successful elections and under her leadership more than 50,000 local high school and college students have been registered to vote". "I am proud to be the next Senator from the State of Florida and look forward to going up there and making Washington work for all Americans".

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Under Florida law, a 0.5 percent margin in an election automatically triggers a machine recount, while a 0.25 percent margin automatically triggers a manual recount, or recount by hand.

The news comes as razor-thin margins heighten the possibility of recounts and court battles in the Sunshine State's races for Senate and governor. It is AP policy not to call a race that is facing a recount.

At that time, the winners of the races would be declared once and for all. Gillum's campaign said his initial concession Tuesday night was based on "best information available about the number of outstanding ballots" at the time.

The "Emergency Recount Fund", as the campaign dubbed it says the money will be used "to ensure every vote is counted", but also vowed legal action "when necessary".

The activity is particularly curious given areas that were ravaged by Category 4 Hurricane Michael less than a month ago seem to have conducted their elections without issues, whereas Deep Blue pockets in the southern part of the state continue to produce votes.

At an event in Hialeah Gardens, DeSantis declined to discuss prospects for a recount, telling reporters he was "very proud to be elected".

"We're working really hard on the transition", he said. "Right now the results are unknown, as to who has won", he said. "There's not a lot of room for strategy", Richard said.

By contrast, 690,153 ballots have been tabulated so far in the Florida governor race. "But you know what?" "We believe that at the end of this process that Senator Nelson is going to be declared the victor".

Scott is abusing the full force of his public office as governor to stop a complete and accurate counting of all the votes in Florida - which would determine whether he wins or loses. DeSantis defeated Democratic candidate Andrew Gillum. In the Senate race, Gov. Rick Scott, a Republican, is ahead of incumbent Sen. Bill Nelson campaigns in Orlando.

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