Red Dead Online Beta is Set to Go Live From Tomorrow

Red Dead Online Beta is Set to Go Live From Tomorrow

Red Dead Online Beta is Set to Go Live From Tomorrow

Rockstar Games has already said that the Red Dead 2 Online beta will launch before the end of November.

- Saturday, December 1: All players who own Red Dead Redemption 2. Further details on what Red Dead Online will feature are likely to come tomorrow ahead of the beta's start time. Whatever the case may be, as mentioned above, all that matters is what it signals: and that's that Red Dead Online is imminent.

A beta for Red Dead Redemption Online will be playable from Tuesday 27th November for anyone who purchased the "ultimate edition" of Red Dead Redemption 2.

What can players do in Red Dead Online aside from bashing each other's heads in?

Along with the player count, Rockstar revealed an incremental release format for the western online shooter.

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Also, Red Dead Online is free, similar to Grand Theft Auto V's immensely popular GTA Online mode, so being behind a few days matters even less.

We don't know what Red Dead Online will be or look like. The next day, anyone who played RDR2 on launch day will be allowed in, followed on November 29 by people who played it between launch day and October 29. It was incredibly fun to begin with, as there wasn't much to grind - and to play it with friends at the time was incredibly fun; street races in particular. Form or join a Posse to ride with up to seven players; gather around the fire at your Camp; head out hunting or fishing; visit bustling towns; battle enemy gangs and attack their hideouts; hunt for treasure; take on missions. According to the promotional video below, "Playing great games makes you hungry".

"Red Dead Online is a new online connected experience set against the backdrop of Red Dead Redemption 2's enormous open world".

In other words, I'd wager it'll play a lot like GTA Online does.

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